Don't miss 4 luxury makeup box recommendations

The make-up boxes of major brands have always been a must for many make-up artists. At the end of 2011, I have compiled 7 of the most worthy makeup boxes for you, and write them into your ShoppingList!


Lancome Lancome Absolute Perfect Makeup Box

Celebrate the eternal feminine charm and elegance of roses. Indulge in Lancome's perfect make-up, the color of the rose petals, and create a perfect look anytime, anywhere.


2011 Estee Lauder BRIC Makeup Box - Flowing Gold Luxury and Bright Color 18 Color Eye Shadow

The golden enamel outer box is wrapped with 18 different color eyeshadows. The powder is delicate, the makeup is easy, the makeup effect is changed, the color is popular, and the glamorous eye makeup is created.

Open the luxurious appearance, you can see 18 kinds of fashionable and elegant colors at a glance. The pure ultra-fine powder is thin and light as a gauze. After smearing, there is no trace. The uniform particles are vivid and make you look all the time. Just like fresh and pleasant, with the high-quality eye shadow brush that is exquisite and easy to use, it can accurately grasp the amount of powder and apply it perfectly to the eyes.

4 Color Shaving Brush

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