Expired milk has wonderful wiping wood floors and leather furniture

It is a pity that the milk has deteriorated. Of course, it is necessary to use it and see the experts give you a coup.

Wipe the wood floor: Lactic acid in expired milk is a natural detergent that contains protein and fat to form a protective film on the wooden floor. First pour the expired milk into the washbasin, dilute with twice the water, and wipe the floor with a cloth damp.

Leather shoes and leather furniture: not only can increase the brightness, but also prevent the skin from cracking.

Remove the ink from the clothes: Wash the clothes with clean water, then pour the expired milk to wash the ink.

Moisturizing Beauty: Studies have shown that lactic acid can soften the keratin and play a moisturizing effect. The fat has a moisturizing effect, so the expired milk can be used to apply face, face wash and moisturize. If it is a body care, apply the whole body with milk for 5 to 10 minutes, then take a bath, but it must be noted that the milk can only be expired without deterioration.

Watering flowers: milk with a distinct acidity can be watered. Dig a small pit in the middle of the soil and bury the milk in it, there will be no bad smell. But the milk can't be too much, only a month or so can be used.

Hair Noodle: Its effect is equivalent to yeast, which makes the steamed steamed bread sweet and sweet, and a thick milk flavor.

Hair care: Dilute the expired yoghurt with water, then apply it evenly on the washed wet hair like a conditioner. After a little massage, rinse with water to brighten the hair.

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