TVB Taiqing actress makeup analysis

Every year, TVB is celebrated, and the female artists are the same as the court dramas in the show. They come up with the best makeup, and they will analyze their makeup.

TVB Taiqing actress makeup analysis

Yang Yi

In "The Truth", Yang Yi played a very cool female lawyer, and also won a very good response. This participation in Taiqing is the most powerful opponent of Hu Xing'er. The makeup and blush are all refreshing, and the nude lip gloss is shiny. Very high, it looks hydrated and full.

TVB Taiqing actress makeup analysis

Hu Xinger

Hu Xing'er, who plays the queen in "The King of Wanhuang", is a hot candidate for "after the scene". This participation in Taiqing is also a good time. In the hair, the bangs are elegant and elegant, the small smoked eyes are deep and sharp, and the peach-colored cheeks and the red lips are domineering.

TVB Taiqing actress makeup analysis

Hu Dingxin

Hu Dingxin has been debuting for TVB for many years. He has been involved in performances in recent major dramas. Although she can't say female No.1, she is even better than the female one. The upper position is just around the corner. At the Wan Qianxing Hui He Taiqing, she showed her hair full of forehead and looked mature and elegant. Lavender eyeshadow, cat's eye smoky makeup, skin smooth and revealing apple muscle is more white.

TVB Taiqing actress makeup analysis

Fala Chen

Chen Farah is also hot this year. In the "Sneak Block", she broke through the image of the prostitute in the past, and made people affirmed her acting skills. At the Taiqing Festival, her refreshing little woman made a small woman style. The facial features of the five senses are sweet, and even if she has a light makeup, she is not inferior. The flying eyelashes enrich the expression, and the nude crystal lipstick becomes the focus of facial makeup.

TVB Taiqing actress makeup analysis

Xu Zishan

Xu Zishan's heroic spirit in "Forensic Pioneer 3" is very popular among everyone. The campaign "after the sight" is also very promising. She has appeared frequently this year, and her acting and taste are getting better and better. The high-haired hair is very dignified and elegant, emphasizing the eyelashes of the eyes, and it looks charming and charming. The silhouette is perfect for the face, but the overall dress is still too mature.

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