6 teaches you hands and feet to survive the winter

Winter is the season of frequent cleft palate and cleft palate. Many people have finger and heel ruptures and bleeding. They can only be plastered with adhesive plaster. In severe cases, they may even be infected, and the pain is unbearable, affecting work and life.
There are many reasons for cracking hands and feet. Fungi, eczema, simple skin aging and dryness, diabetes, etc. can cause dry skin cracking. Patients should go to the hospital first to ask an expert for diagnosis. If you simply suffer from chapped problems due to low winter temperatures and reduced secretion of sebaceous glands, you need to pay more attention to skin care in your daily life. If your hands and feet are prone to chapped, try these tricks:

Winter skin care

1, reduce the number of times with cold water, to avoid the skin due to cold and reduce the secretion of sebum.
2. After soaking hands and feet with hot water at night, apply anti-cracking oil, glycerin, vaseline, etc., then put on gloves or wrap them in plastic bags to promote skin absorption.
3, use less alkaline soap, try to avoid direct contact with chemicals such as acids and alkalis.
4. Apply hand cream after washing your hands.
5. Eat more sunflower seeds. The vitamin E rich in sunflower seeds is an excellent antioxidant, which helps to maintain the normal nerve and muscle tissues and make the capillary wall more stable, so that the stagnant blood circulation can be restored smoothly, helping to prevent cleft palate and pigmentation. generate.
6, eat more carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes and other vegetables and animal liver, they contain vitamin A to protect the skin and prevent skin splitting. Patients with long-term or elderly patients with cleft palate and cleft palate should especially eat pig liver, pig skin, lamb, and gelatin.

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