Red and pink powder provokes 5 Japanese blush recommendations

Winter is always lacking in a little color! If the face is a little blush, the skin will immediately glow, and the mood will be swollen and dull! Today, I recommend 5 Japanese blushers to help you create a model pink cheeks. Beauty is natural with beautiful things~~ See if you can stand the temptation of these cute goods~


CandyDoll particles pearls cute blush

Reference price: 480 yuan Taiwan dollar

Product introduction: The combination of particles makes the makeup more natural, three-dimensional, exudes radiance and good looks!


EYEMAZINGCOSMELINE Komori pure æ¼¾ color powder cheek blush

Reference price: 370 yuan Taiwan dollar

Product introduction: Japan's Popteen, PopSister magazine exclusive Model Komori pure endorsement! A fine powder like snowflakes makes the skin look natural and tender from the bottom, gently accommodating the skin, and maintains a good-looking color throughout the day! 4 colors, creating a different face makeup every day.