4C principles followed by packaging design

The customer's desires and needs

Cost to meet demand

Convenience to achieve the convenience of demand,

Communication required to achieve requirements

Customer's psychological packaging needs

First of all, as a good package, the designer must understand the customer's real demand for the product. For a gift, for example, the consumer may be more concerned about its packaging quality, and the size of the package will be selected based on the use of the gift. The sent to the lover may be very delicate at the same time taboo volume is too large, but to send the general exchange of guests is still favored slightly larger package.

Some products are used to highlight the honor and status of consumers. At this time, the common packaging designs and materials on the market can hardly satisfy the consumer's privilege and curiosity. Only by doing some subversive designs can make the product taste. Absolute Vodka Absolute Vodka.

Demand packaging costs

If it is a fast-moving consumer product that consumers need for a long time, consumers will not want to pay more for the package. There is also a situation in which it is hoped that the packaging will be simplified, because some packaging consumers will think that it is a pity to throw away, but not to throw away and take up space, the most typical of which is the tin packaging for tea.

Packaging is a means to reflect the value of a product, rather than weakening the value of a product. Packaging that is too high or too low will weaken the value of the product. Therefore, it must be clear about the cost of packaging that the customer is willing to bear for the product.

Is the large bottle of Sprite soda more cost-effective than a vial? Is it cheaper to compare bulk cookies with carton packs from the same manufacturer? Rational consumers desire to buy.

Packaging convenience to achieve demand

The self-weight of a package, the ease with which it is packaged, the convenience of packaging, and so on, can all affect the purchasing decisions made by consumers. The packaging that consumers expect is often implied in the convenience of consumption. In the past, many plastic packaging must be opened with the help of teeth or scissors. Now most of these packages have a small mouth, and you can open the consumption by gently pulling it. This is Taking into account the convenience of demand.

Realize the need for packaging communication

Attentive consumers will find that today's many packages are no longer just simple text or graphics, often a package that is easy to impress customers is always illustrated. Such as "Xiaozai" milk cartoon graphics and cans "look, look at me and drink away," the text, consumers saw Want Want cartoons have been happy, and then see this lyric slogan, how Can you easily take a can and drink it?

Another example is that some products containing history and humanities often have very elegant texts. The power of words is enough to lead the minds of consumers in a moment. Such as the Rumah Champagne Cognac Handbook is a model of such communication. When the packaging of a product can be used to graphically or textually communicate ideas with consumers, or lead consumers to long for it, the packaging of this product is undoubtedly very successful.

In fact, packaging can be divided into two types, namely, rational packaging and emotional packaging. Rational consumers choose rational packaging in most cases, and emotional consumers usually only choose products that are sensitive to packaging. So, before deciding to impress your consumers with package design, think a little bit more about whether the consumers you need to impress are rational or emotional, and whether they make a purchase decision is rational or emotional.

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base and top gift box

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Drawer box

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tube box

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