Hebei investigated and dealt with a real wine bottle against fake wine case

There is a “mysterious” rental room in the city of Zhengding, a city of stone—a truck is often transported into low-end beer, and high-grade beer of various brands is transported to the outside. After the police searched, the “mystery” was revealed: The renter Xing Mou dipped the low-grade beer and poured it into high-grade beer bottles. In less than a year, he sold nearly 700 "high-end beers" and involved more than 40,000 yuan.

Nearly 700 pieces of beer were sold to entertainment venues in Shijiazhuang and Baoding. The suspects directly disinfected the bottles with detergents and brushes. When the police searched, they found bottles and caps of foreign beer all over the place.

In October 2009, Zhengding County Public Security Bureau’s Economic Investigation Brigade’s police discovered a strange phenomenon in the investigation: A rental house in a district of the county seat had a white van that often entered and exited. This vehicle is in and out of beer, but it is low-grade beer when it comes in, and high-grade beer is shipped out.

Upon investigation, the clear, frequent collision of wine bottles and the sound of wine bottle closures were often heard in the rental room. Initially, the police found that there was a hideout hidden in the rental room for the manufacture and sale of counterfeit brand beer.

On January 17, the police entered the room and conducted a search. They found bottles, caps, bottle cappers, inkjet printers, alcohol, and other items of famous beer such as Heineken, Carlsberg and Budweiser. The police also seized 20 boxes of fake brand-name beer that had just been filled on the spot.

During the raid, Xingmou, a criminal suspect who drove back a car of “raw material” beer, was captured by the police.

Because the imported foreign brand beer bottles are dirty inside and outside, Xing Mou put the big basin of washing clothes into the water, and then washed the bottles with detergent and brush. The police found that the water in the big basin was so dark that the bottle was still foaming.

Xingmou confessed that the low-grade beer pulled back will be upgraded to high-grade beer in accordance with the ratio of every two bottles poured into three vials. If some of the counterfeit high-end beer has a high degree of alcohol, he will dip into the "raw" beer.

From March 2009 to the incident, Xingmou sold a total of nearly 700 counterfeit brand-name wines in the rented house, involving an amount of more than 40,000 yuan. These beers were sold to entertainment venues such as Shijiazhuang and Baoding karaoke. The price was RMB 55 per piece. According to the market price, these brands of beer are generally about one hundred yuan each.

At present, Xing Mou has been detained by criminals and the case is under further investigation.


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