Multi-grain knowledge and application of multi-grain packaging machine

Multi-grain knowledge and application of multi-grain packaging machine

Are coarse grains more nutritious? Although some claims give everyone the impression that the nutritional value of coarse grains is much higher than that of whole grains, each grain actually has its own characteristics. It is better to be better than a good and good one. Different varieties of food, nutritional value is not the same, oats are rich in protein; millet is rich in tryptophan, carotene; beans are rich in high-quality protein; sorghum high in fatty acids, as well as rich in iron; potato contains carotene And vitamin C. Although the dietary fiber in coarse grains can not be digested and utilized by the human body, it can pass through the gasification of the intestines, clean up the waste, and promote the discharge of food debris as soon as possible. Even if coarse grains, such as millet, have a nutritional value that is a little more than rice, replacing rice with millet entirely is not only unacceptable, but it is also suspected of being “really thinking about sweetness” and nutrition is equally unreasonable. Therefore, the most important thing is not how much fine and coarse grains are better than fine grains, but do not waste one or even only one type of food, and ensure the diversity of staple foods. Under the premise of ensuring the diversity of staple foods, consciously choosing more coarse grains can be used as the second principle of dietary nutrition.

With the advantages of miscellaneous grains gradually recognized by everyone, the demand for miscellaneous grains has gradually increased. More and more manufacturers have seen the large grain market and have introduced grain products with their own characteristics. However, when packing coarse grains, especially when it comes to packing various grains, How to dispose of the miscellaneous grains of the gift pack has become a worry for the miscellaneous grain manufacturers. According to the actual situation, our company has specially developed a multi-grain packaging machine for the distribution of miscellaneous grains: DGS-1 type grain packaging machine (DGS-1 series weighing grain packaging machine, including single head, double head and four heads Models and DZ-600L special-purpose box-shaped grain miscellaneous vacuum packaging machines for gift packs have solved the worries of the miscellaneous grain manufacturers in a timely manner. After a long period of market inspection, they have been well received.

Wine Glass


Wine Glass is a type of glass that is used to drink and taste wine. The idea that the shape of wine glass should be matched to the style of wine is widely debated. Most wine glasses are stemware, that is they are goblets composed of three parts: the bowl, stem, and foot. In some designs the opening of the glass is narrower than the widest part of the bowl (to concentrate the aroma), others are more conical. In addition, "stemless" wine glasses (tumblers) are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The latter are typically used more casually than their traditional counterparts, as they negate the benefits of using stemmed wine glasses.

Usage: Liquor/Wine/Beverage

Material: Extra-flint, high-flint and flint glass

Technology: Machine made

Volume: 50 to 3000ml or as your requirements

Weight: 150 to 2000g and so on

Sealing type: Screw cap or cork

Painting: Any color as you requirement

Quality control: SGS, FDA, ISO9001, ISO14001

Deep processing: Silk screen, decal, spray painting, electroplating, frosting, sand blasting.

Delivery term: EXW, FOB, CIF

Payment terms: T/T

Lead time: New design drawing confirm within 3days, Sample mold within 20 days, bulk molds within 30 days, produce in bulk within 30 days


Q:  Are you a manufacture or a trading company?

A:  We are a manufacture which located in Chengdu city and Yibin city, Sichuan, China.

Q:  Can you customize the products?

A:  Yes, we are professional to customize glass bottle, we can design the new drawings and open the new molds according to your requirement.

Q:  Do you provide free sample?

A:  Yes, for cooperation sincerity, we are glad to provide you samples for free, but for new customer, the express cost need to be paid.

Q:  What is your MOQ?

A:  Our only standard for MOQ is a 40 feet container.

Q:  How long is your sample lead time, mold need time and production lead time?

A:  New design drawing confirm within 3 days, sample mold within 20 days, bulk molds within 30 days, produce in bulk within 30 days

Wine Glass

Wine Glass

Wine Glass,Opal Wine Glass,Borosilicate Wine Glass,Custom Wine Glass