Expert: Floor maintenance, laminate flooring maintenance tips

For consumers, the simple and affordable laminate flooring is undoubtedly the first choice for most people. However, paving and using laminate flooring can not be done once and for all. In daily life, it must be scientifically used and easily maintained.

After the floor is finished, keep the indoor air flowing. After the floor is installed for 12 hours, the personnel can move and the furniture can be placed.

Avoid water soaking the floor. If there is an accident, dry the floor and ventilate it with a dry mop. Keep the floor dry and clean, and the surface of the floor is smudged. Generally, dry it with a damp mop without dripping water. If you are contaminated with chocolate, oil, juice, drinks, etc., just wipe with warm water and a mild detergent. If it is contaminated by lipstick, crayon, ink, etc., gently wipe it with methanol or acetone.

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