How to extend the life of plastic steel doors and windows

Help answer: Regularly clean the dust on the doors and windows to keep the doors, windows, glass and hardware clean and bright. If the doors and windows are contaminated with oil and other difficult to clean things, it is best not to use strong acid or alkali solution for cleaning. Otherwise, it will not only damage the surface finish of the door and window, but also damage the protective film and oxide layer on the surface of the hardware, thus causing hardware. Piece of corrosion.

Try to avoid hitting or scratching the surface of doors and windows with hard objects. The strength of opening doors and windows should be moderate. Clean the inside of the door and window frame to avoid clogging. If the door and window are found to be inflexible or abnormal during use, the cause should be found in time. If the owner cannot eliminate the fault, contact the manufacturer or supplier of the door and window to eliminate the fault in time.

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