The latest KQ-3 automatic particle strength tester operation guide

The KQ-3 type automatic particle strength measuring instrument is computerized, which is used to measure the maximum strength value of particles of various forms when they are broken. Digital display, automatic reset, with start button, reset button and print button, servo motor spiral pressure, with automatic over-range protection device. Incorporating the advantages and applicability of various particle strength testers, according to user requirements and suggestions, in July 2013, the most suitable new KQ-3 automatic particle strength tester was produced. The following national standards apply: GB 102012-88 average particle compressive strength determination; GB 3635-1983 chemical catalyst molecular sieve adsorbent particle compressive strength determination method; GB 2945-89 agricultural soil chemical fertilizer standard; GB 10516-2012 nitrate phosphate fertilizer particle average Determination of compressive strength: Determination of average compressive strength of HG2223 granular superphosphate particles; National Standard for Mixed Fertilizer (BB Fertilizer) (GB 21633-2008), National Standard HG / T 2782-1996

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