Beijing coated paper and double-adhesive paper perform well

[ppzhan Abstract] The paper industry's performance in 2013 was not good, and zero growth has become inevitable. However, recently, data released in the Beijing area indicated that coated paper and double-adhesive paper performed well.

The transaction of coated paper in Beijing was not prosperous, and the shipment situation did not improve significantly. The current 157g coated paper dealers offer: Dongfan 5700-5800 yuan / ton, China Sun 5550-5600 yuan / ton, Aegis 5350-5450 yuan / ton.

The double-adhesive paper market is stable and downstream demand is weak. The current mainstream price of 100g double-adhesive paper distributors: Huaxia Sun 5800-5850 yuan / ton, Quanlin 5250-5350 yuan / ton, Ruixue 5700-5750 yuan / ton.

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