The Opportunities and Challenges behind "Light Bottle Wine"

Packaging simplification has now begun to become a new trend. The concept of consumers is no longer paying too much attention to the luxury of packaging as in the past, and the rationalization of consumption has gradually spread among these emerging consumers , 80 and 90 . For wine packaging, light bottle packaging has gradually become popular in the market.


   Wine packaging has always been in the form of wine boxes and wine bottles, because the wine and the consumers are directly faced with. In order to highlight the advantages of products, many manufacturers will work on the wine boxes, and the packaging costs of wine boxes are increasing. The higher. However, many consumers believe that wine boxes are an alternative. In fact, simple bottle packaging saves costs, but also can directly see the liquor inside the bottle.


  However, for wine bottle manufacturers, the prevalence of light bottle wines is both an opportunity and a challenge. First of all, as the wine boxes are abandoned by manufacturers, white liquor manufacturers will pay more attention to wine bottle packaging, and will spend more effort and cost on wine bottle packaging. Wine bottle manufacturers have more room for imagination in profits. Secondly, wine bottle packaging will put forward more requirements. In the past, the information on the wine bottle needs to be carried by the bottle. The wine bottle needs more promotion in appearance to attract consumers' attention.

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