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[Wallet] Wallet Introduction

The wallet is a bag of money. Internationally famous wallets are: LV Louis Vuitton, CHANEL Chanel, PRADA Prada, GUCCI Gucci, FOZENS Fu Yingshi, HERMES Hermes, FENDI Fendi, DUNHILL Dunhill, DIOR Dior.

The wallet collects money and bank cards, credit cards and other currency tools together in a small bag, which is easy to carry and use, usually with a palm size. In addition to the above functions, the wallet can be a carry-on ornament or a family photo clip.


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â–  Wallet hot product recommendation

Pear flower doll Korean version wallet women's double clam woven stone pattern 30% long ladies wallet women's wallet

Gold powder family authentic female bag new ostrich Korean version of the coin purse clutch bag clutch bag Seven wolves wallet men's short leather wallet Korean version of the cowhide wallet Paul Knight genuine leather wallet female long paragraph 2012 new Korean version of the ladies wallet long women's wallet
ZEFER men's long wallet tri-fold leather wallet Korean version of the ticket folder multi-function wallet Korean Korean version of the retro embossed stone pattern double layer color multi-function ladies wallet long wallet Youha 2012 new winter purse print clutch bag female bag Korean version of the long retro bag fashion wallet Plush / patent leather cartoon rabbit bow short and long section ladies wallet long paragraph women's wallet short paragraph

â–  Wallet purchase / maintenance method

Purchase method

1, wallet style wallet style is divided into short paragraph, cross section, long section, vertical section, open section and zipper models. The long wallet will be more tasteful than the short wallet, suitable for more men with identity; the short wallet is more practical and portable, suitable for most people; the open wallet is suitable for more casual, free-going People use. 2, wallet material wallet material generally includes cowhide, deer skin, pig skin, oil skin, cloth, PU leather, PVC and so on. Pay attention to the authenticity and pros and cons of the material, pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of the hardware material.


1. Keep dry and store in a cool, ventilated place.

2, avoid exposure, fire roasting, washing, sharp objects and contact with chemical solvents.

3, the wallet is mainly stitched when glue is needed, the glue is easy to melt when it is in contact with water, so try not to get water when using the wallet, and pay special attention in rainy days.

4, you can use Bi Lizhu or the same color shoe polish for care.

5, in principle, a card can only be inserted into a card, can not force the insertion of two cards, will cause the card bag to slack.

6, should be careful to protect all metal fittings, humid and salty environment will cause oxidation, coated with a layer of transparent nail polish on the metal surface can effectively prevent metal oxidation.

â–  Women's wallet recommended

Xia Mo wallet female long section new Korean version of patent leather ladies wallet leather women's wallet wallet retro Fashion wallet female short section Korean version 2012 new wave cute contrast color two fold ladies zipper wallet card package New fashion high-end long wallet European and American temperament contrast color retro big lady wallet wallet 品马菲蒙格 Korean version of the couple men and women leather long wallet leather clip small handbag

â–  Men's wallet recommended

Feige men's long wallet tri-fold leather wallet multi-card position wallet Korean version of the business genuine ticket holder Send card package seven wolves wallet men's long wallet multi-card top layer cowhide wallet business wallet

BAMIGE genuine new men's wallet men's long wallet men's wallet first layer cowhide leather wallet

Men's wallet leather wallet SmartYou authentic gold sand business horizontal and vertical personality carving

â–  cute purse recommendation

New wallet female short cute candy color retro zipper women's small wallet lovers wallet Cute lady Korean fashion butterfly casual pink wallet short ladies wallet Korean version of the British cath kidston zipper long paragraph retro flower floral cute female Korean purse Wallet female Korean version of the cute 2012 new rivet draw belt ladies long / medium / short wallet wallet card package

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