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St. Bonalt, the Swiss national dog, is a world-renowned snow rescue dog and mountain rescue dog named after the St. Bernard Monastery in the Alps. Since the 18th century, the monastery’s priests have raised St. Bernards to find lost travelers.

Hundreds of years later, St. Bonalt continues this loyal and reliable legend of the rescue dog, adding more elements of technology, function, and fashion to create a brave, loyal, enterprising spirit. Berner Outdoors advocates the concept of "cross-border life and self-surpassing" represented by crossover lives and creates a full range of outdoor products that can walk in different spaces and occasions.

Saint Bernard's new products are constantly being developed, combined with the latest development of functional fabrics, the most advanced process and professional work team, hoping to accompany consumers to travel all over the world, whether in the cold mountain, ice and wind of the seaside In the strange city streets, the warmth of Saint Bernard can be felt.

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