Five ways to quickly remove fat particles

Fat granules often appear around the eyes of women. They look like white sesame seeds. Although they are not as damn as acne, they always seem to affect the overall beauty. Today, Xiaobian teaches you five ways to quickly remove fat granules. So that your eyes are no longer attacked by fat particles.

Five ways to quickly remove fat particles

Quickly remove fat particles and also delicate luster of the eyes

Method 1: Vitamin E dissolves

Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect. It inhibits the blood circulation of the skin around the eyes by inhibiting the lipid peroxide reaction, allowing the fat particles to gradually disappear. After washing the face every night, the vitamin E liquid is applied to the fat particles. After two weeks, the fat particles will naturally fall off.

Method 2: Acne needle picks away fat particles

The acne needle can quickly remove the fat granules. After the face is cleaned, apply a hot towel to the face, then massage gently at the fat granules with a massage cream, and remove the poisonous acne needle to pick the white granules of the fat granules. Down, use a cotton swab to take some alcohol to disinfect, to prevent infection, the effect will be immediate.

Method 3: Use a refreshing eye cream

Many fat granules around the eye are caused by small wounds. Dry skin is easy to cause wounds. Therefore, the use of eye cream is a good way to moisturize the skin to prevent wounds, and the eye cream can nourish the eye skin and make the skin more smooth and delicate. The refreshing eye cream can reduce the nutritional burden of the eye, avoid the continued production of fat granules, keep the eye skin moist, and the fat granules will naturally fall off.

Method 4: Lemon removes fat particles

Lemon has a bactericidal effect, which can help reduce blood fat, excrete toxins and excess oil, and promote the metabolism and exfoliation of fat particles. Cut the lemon into slices and soak in boiling water. Drinking a cup on an empty stomach every morning will not only help remove the fat particles, but also make the skin whiter and smoother.

Method 5: Physiological regulation

The formation of fat granules is related to the uneven secretion of skin oil, which is caused by the disorder of fat metabolism, so the physiological regulation is also the means to remove fat granules. Usually do some sports, promote the body's blood circulation, accelerate the skin's metabolism can make the skin more moist and smooth.

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