Study says Middle East new coronavirus has higher lethal rate than SARS

According to foreign media reports, an international team of doctors published a report on June 19 after a recent outbreak of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) coronavirus in Saudi Arabia.

After studying more than 20 MERS coronavirus cases in eastern Saudi Arabia, the team found that this virus has many surprising similarities with the SARS virus that broke out in 2003, but unlike SARS, doctors have so far understood the source of the virus Very little.

Worryingly, the team found that the new virus can be easily spread not only among people, but also in hospitals. Pell, a senior epidemiology expert on the team, said that the spread characteristics of the new virus are similar to SARS. But they still cannot accurately track the source of infection in each case.

Pell said they have not been able to determine whether the new virus was spread by coughing, sneezing or other indirect means, because some patients in the hospital are not close to MERS coronavirus carriers, but they do not know how they were infected.

Compared with the 8% mortality rate of SARS, MERS coronavirus showed a higher mortality rate, with a mortality rate as high as 65% in Saudi Arabia. However, because some patients with minor symptoms may not be included in the statistics, it will have some impact on the final data.

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