The cabinet industry brand war still needs creative marketing to open the situation

Creativity is gaining more and more attention in the era of homogenization of products and services. The reason why there are endless stream of various creative promotions is that it can bring intuitive benefits to the business. People pay more and more attention to the quality of life. For the promotion activities of home stores, aesthetic fatigue has already occurred. The promotion does not achieve the desired effect, and the cabinet industry is inevitable. Therefore, the creative marketing means is an important weapon to stimulate consumer enthusiasm.

The cabinet industry brand war still needs creative marketing to open the situation

Some people say that the competition in the home building materials industry is basically a brand dispute. Some people say that it is a dispute of suppliers, and others say that it is a battle for marketing means. Creative marketing has become the key to attracting consumers' popularity and even driving economic benefits. Summarizing some recent home sales and store promotions, unlike the previous price wars, the promotion of home brands is more rational, especially the creative color, making the marketing process more warm and full of fun.

In a fiercely competitive environment, like home stores, there are also a handful of unique stores that attract consumers and drive consumption through endless creative marketing campaigns. In fact, major stores and individual stores have gradually realized that the first consumption of consumers is actually the first step to enter the store and understand the brand, so marketing activities are also important to bring the distance between cabinet companies and consumers. means. Today, cabinet merchants should develop more fresh marketing campaigns from the immediate needs of consumers.

In this case, we must lead and innovate a new way of household consumption. Some large brands of sanitary ware, wood flooring, integrated ceilings (ceiling decoration renderings), cabinets, etc. have already taken the lead in the home market innovation marketing. Innovation is one of the eternal themes of all industry development. Consumers are increasingly demanding service quality. Now it is difficult to form new breakthroughs in the form of channel management, terminal promotion, new product impact, etc., and it is easy to be imitated by competitors. .

Whether the creative marketing of the cabinet store is successful or not, the consumer has the final say. In the face of dazzling marketing activities, how does the consumer react? One consumer said: "There are more ways for merchants to make more purchases. I am most concerned about the price of the final transaction. This is the most important criterion for reference." This shows that most consumers retain a certain degree of calm and rationality while participating in enthusiasm.

In the past, store marketing activities always focused on internal and external decoration, humanized services and promotional discounts, but now, the creation of "shopping atmosphere" will become a hot spot of people's attention. If in a store, everyone is actively shopping, then this atmosphere will subtly affect the subconscious feelings of other customers, and will help to promote consumption.

A successful creative cabinet marketing solution, in addition to complying with the local cabinet market environment, must also proceed from the needs of consumers, but also to ensure that the quality is qualified, the price is reasonable, the environmental protection is up to standard, and the content and form are added closer to the consumers. To put it bluntly, whoever gives the benefits is more likely to be recognized.

The cabinet merchants and stores participating in the activity must ensure that the quality of the products sold is qualified, safe and environmentally friendly, which is a prerequisite for substantial profit, and can ultimately give consumers the best interests. While pursuing attractive prices, merchants must also strictly control the price bottom line, and should not fall into the disorderly chaotic competition. The final result of disrupting the market environment will only be muddy and deep.

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