How to choose high and low temperature test chamber manufacturers

As a supplier in the field of environmental test equipment, Shangyu Instruments has professionally built one of the important equipment of high and low temperature test chambers with years of production experience in the environmental test industry. Here the company's technical department provides you with some purchase information, as follows:

1. Temperature range: what is the temperature range of the equipment, you can refer to the highest temperature and the lowest temperature value

2. Cycling function: Whether the device has temperature cycling function, that is: repeated cycle switching between temperature curves.

3. Humidity range: whether the device has a humidity function

4. Thermal load: Many tested electronic products will be tested for energization. Under energized conditions, the tested product will generate heat, which will cause a load. So sometimes the equipment bought back, if the standard configuration is -20 degrees, but the final temperature can not drop, this is the reason, so be sure to explain the load to the manufacturer.

5. Equipment handling: Please refer to the external dimensions of the equipment, and the final arrangement of the equipment, such as the door size, stair elevator size, etc.

6. Power supply: Please refer to whether the power of the equipment is consistent with or meets the power supply of the final laboratory.

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