Housing enterprises will again appear in the crisis of commercial city-building movements within three years or appear

Frequently large-scale developers flock to the city movement

The development area is 60 square kilometers, equivalent to 6 East China Overseas City, two Macao areas, the total investment of the project is more than 20 billion yuan. The super market project invested by Poly Real Estate in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province is indeed staggering.

According to the plan, Poly Real Estate will invest 20 billion yuan in the next 6~8 years to build a large-scale commercial ecology in Dongguan, including multiple theme parks, combined with the development of local ecological environment, golf, conference center and hotel as the carrier. Complex.

Such a huge project has attracted the attention of all parties, and the local government has taken this as an important pilot project for key performance projects and the transformation of Dongguan's real estate industry. In 2011, the project has been officially started. After more than a year, the project officially debuted at the end of May this year.

According to Poly Real Estate, after the project is completed, it is more like a new town. Yu Ying, chairman of Poly Real Estate Guangdong Co., Ltd. said that the future project will have 4 five-star hotels, 9 eco-resorts, 4 theme hotels, 3 theme parks, 3 ecological sports parks, and low-carbon ecological buildings. 15 demonstration groups. However, the first phase of the super-market project was a villa.

“The development of a comprehensive project in the form of a super-large format is a product of commercial real estate development to a certain stage, mainly driven by real estate regulation and new urbanization.” Wang Xianqing, director of the Institute of Circulation Economics of Guangdong Business School, said that the super market is not It may be developed in urban areas and only in urban and rural areas. From this point of view, it is to adapt to the new urbanization strategy.

NetEase Finance noticed that the super-cap market model equivalent to the city-building movement was not only made by Poly Real Estate, but also the capitals of Evergrande, Wanda and Red Star Macalline.

In recent years, Evergrande's comprehensive projects in Guangdong, Tianjin and other places have entered the market, such as Guangdong Qingyuan Century Tourism City project, with a total construction area of ​​260,000 square meters; in late June this year, Red Star Macalline Chairman Car Jianxin said in a high-profile media meeting that its Red Star real estate development complex will be 27, and in the next 8 years, it will open 100 in 60 cities across the country, with an investment of 100 billion yuan.

In March of this year, Wanda Chairman Wang Jianlin said in Guangzhou that he would continue to invest more than 45 billion yuan to build four large-scale projects in Guangzhou, including three Wanda Plaza and a Wanda Tourism and Cultural City project with a total investment of more than 20 billion yuan. The Tourism Culture City Project is not a simple complex and is known as the world's first large-scale cultural tourism commercial complex.

Not only large-scale developers, but also the “building city” movement that can obtain huge land resources is also very attractive to small and medium-sized housing enterprises. According to public information, Guiyang has a southwestern international trade city called the largest commercial and trade carrier in the southwest region and even the whole country. It covers an area of ​​only 10 square kilometers, with a total construction area of ​​14.2 million square meters and a total investment of 60 billion yuan. The project was developed by a company that was not known.

In May of this year, the Xi'an International Center Urban Complex Project developed by Shaanxi Tiejian Investment Development Co., Ltd., with a planned area of ​​1 million square meters, was officially opened. Also in Xi'an, a total development investment of 8 billion yuan, the construction of an international exhibition industry park characterized by a modern service industry covering 4,872 acres of business offices, hotel apartments, modern logistics, etc. is also urgently to enter the market.

Alleged "pseudo" commercial projects are mostly value-added profits

In the usual sense, commercial real estate generally includes two major modes: the commercial logistics market and the urban complex (shopping center). The shopping center is the core function of the urban complex, and often the residential and hotel formats can be called a simple urban complex. However, many commercial real estate projects developed in China, including urban complexes, are actually only vain, and there are many questions.

"If it is a pure commercial real estate project, from the point of view of the recycling cost cycle, it may be more than ten years for a shopping mall. For example, a commercial super-cap is difficult to bear this cost cycle." Netease Finance said.

The person in charge believes that most of the domestic commercial super-cap large-scale projects, from the perspective of the developers' initial selection of projects, cost recovery expectations and development models, are actually biased towards residential development ideas, they only gain returns through land appreciation. The concept of pure commercial real estate can be said to be completely different. "In the name of commercial real estate or tourism real estate, it is actually only a selling building."

“At present, there are 11 shopping mall projects under construction by Poly Real Estate, and the cycle is relatively long. Only one project in Ningbo will be opened next year. There will be a investment conference in September this year.” A commercial real estate person from Poly Real Estate revealed that Poly Real Estate Other projects are either pre-planning, investment preparation, or maintenance of daily operations. The total recycling cost cycle of the shopping center is likely to reach 15 years.

The chief expert of the China Shopping Association Shopping Center Development Committee pointed out that in the past one or two years, domestic commercial real estate investment has grown rapidly, and the super-large market has emerged, but it is worth noting that one-half of all large-scale shopping mall projects are now open. No work, one-half of the start-ups can't be opened, and one-half of them are not well-managed. In other words, the success rate of Chinese shopping centers is only about one-eighth.

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