Affected by the US anti-dumping policy, the total export of furniture in Guangdong declined

Guangdong is the main area for the production and export of furniture in the Mainland. The United States is the most important export market for Guangdong furniture. Due to the impact of the US Department of Commerce's decision to dump Chinese wooden bedroom furniture in the US market in June, the export at the Guangdong port fell for three consecutive months. The export volume in July was only $170 million, down from the highest in April this year. A quarter. According to customs statistics, in 2003, Guangdong Port exported a total of 3.67 billion US dollars of furniture, of which 1.84 billion US dollars were exported to the United States, accounting for half of Guangdong's furniture exports. On June 18, the US Department of Commerce initially ruled that China's wooden bedroom furniture was dumped in the US market. Seven companies that were forced to sample by the US had to pay an anti-dumping duty rate of 4.9%-24.34%; in addition, they accounted for 40% of the export volume. The family business was also levied with an anti-dumping duty of 10.92%; the remaining anti-dumping tax rate of more than 1,000 companies that did not respond to the lawsuit was as high as 192.08%. Affected by this news, Guangdong port exports to the United States have experienced a monthly decline since May, after four consecutive months of decline this year. The export volume in July was 170 million US dollars, down 25.1 from the highest value in April this year. %. According to analysis, although the US anti-dumping case against Chinese furniture has not yet been finalized, the final determination of the dumping establishment will basically not change, and the implementation of anti-dumping measures will further show the impact of Guangdong port on US furniture exports.


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