A summary of the development of paper packaging and printing technology

Paper packaging is an important category in China's packaging industry, and its output accounts for more than 40% of the total output value of China's packaging industry. In recent years. With the growth of China's economy and the shift of the world's processing and manufacturing center to China, China's paper packaging industry has developed rapidly, and its position in the packaging industry has become more and more prominent. At present, China's paper packaging output ranks second in the world, second only to the United States.

The "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" is an important period for China's rapid economic development, which will bring more development opportunities to the paper packaging industry. China's paper packaging output is expected to catch up with the United States and rank first in the world.

Technology development level and market conditions

1. The overall situation of the paper packaging market is vast in China, and the economic development of various regions is uneven. This has caused the distribution and development of the paper packaging industry to be uneven. The Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, and the Bohai Rim region are relatively developed regions of China's paper packaging industry. The paper packaging industry in the central and western regions is relatively backward, making the development of China's paper packaging industry generally show "fast east and west slow", "east strong "Weak in the west" and "slow in the north and slow in the north". This is closely related to economic development, especially the development of light industry.
Large paper packaging enterprises have advanced equipment, high management level, strong capital, good product quality, strong survivability, and occupy certain advantages in market competition; small paper packaging enterprises also have their own advantages. Their production characteristics are small batch size and many specifications. , Low-end products, simple printing, and thin profits, can also find their own market space; medium-sized paper packaging companies are the most difficult to survive, must carefully adjust the market positioning, to find a position that suits them.

2. Paper packaging printing technology offset printing, flexo printing, gravure printing, screen printing and other printing methods are all used in paper packaging printing, but still mostly offset printing in carton printing. In corrugated carton printing, flexographic direct printing It occupies a considerable proportion. At the same time, with the increasing complexity of carton packaging design, it is difficult to adapt the single printing method to the requirements of products, and the combination printing method is gradually emerging to achieve the purpose of improving the printing quality and anti-counterfeiting function of paper packaging.

3. Paper packaging printing materials In recent years, with the gradual increase in customer demand for packaging quality and grade, the printing materials used in paper packaging have undergone substantial changes. In the field of carton packaging, printing materials are no longer limited to ordinary coated paper and white cardboard, aluminum foil composite paper, PE film, laser paper, transfer paper and other special papers have also been widely used. The brightness, material, metallic feeling, laser effect, holographic effect, etc. of these papers can effectively improve the appearance quality of the carton, reflect the design connotation and high-end quality of the product, and are currently on the packaging of tobacco, wine, medicine, food, cosmetics, etc. Has been rapidly developed and applied. In the field of corrugated cardboard boxes, as corrugated cardboard boxes are gradually shifted from transport packaging to sales packaging, the kraft paperboard paper used by them has been gradually replaced by whiteboard kraft paperboard color printing paper to improve the fineness of printing.
In addition, with the development of environmental protection of paper packaging, non-environmentally friendly paper is gradually being eliminated, and new green and environmentally friendly materials are increasingly valued, such as vacuum aluminized paper and transfer paper.

4. Paper packaging printing inks Due to environmental protection and sanitation reasons, tobacco, wine, food, pharmaceuticals and other industries are increasingly focusing on the environmental protection of printing processes. Traditional non-environmental protection inks are restricted, which makes paper packaging companies increasingly Pay attention to, such as offset printing soybean ink, water-based ink and UV ink, its dosage is gradually increasing. [next]

the problem we are facing

1. The industry concentration is low and there is a large number of large-scale enterprise groups in China. There are many paper packaging companies in China, but the industry concentration is low, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, and the lack of large-scale large enterprises, especially in the international paper packaging industry has a certain influence Business group. This "small and scattered" situation is not conducive to the long-term development of the paper packaging industry. Paper packaging enterprises should be encouraged to form large-scale enterprise groups through alliances, reorganizations, mergers, etc. Expand the scale of enterprise production, reduce unit production costs, save resources and integrate the market. Eliminate the gap between supply and demand.
Paper packaging enterprises must break away from the concept of "small but complete, and small wealth means security", and build an intensive, professional, and innovative paper packaging industry pattern based on the two modes of "big power" and "junior college". For most small and medium-sized paper packaging enterprises, we must take the development path of strong professionalism, distinctive features, and excellent quality, and develop in the direction of "special, special, precise, and new"; paper packaging enterprises of a certain scale must expand their operations , Extend product and service chains, form industrial clusters, develop into a modern enterprise group model, and increase the strength of participating in domestic and foreign market competition.

2. The form of paper packaging products is single and there are not many innovative products. At present, most paper packaging enterprises have a single product form and few innovative products, especially the level of corrugated box products is not high, and the development of high-end and high value-added fine corrugated boxes is slow . In the future, we must pay attention to the development of functional paper packaging, such as paper packaging with functions of freshness preservation, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-static and so on. In addition, the unreasonable product structure of corrugated boxes is particularly prominent. China ’s five-layer corrugated boxes account for about 70%, and three-layer corrugated boxes account for only 30% (while in the United States and Japan, three-layer corrugated boxes account for more than 80%), The consumption of raw materials is too large, causing a lot of waste of wood resources.

3. The modern management level of paper packaging enterprises is not high. The traditional idea of ​​"heavy equipment and light management" has made the modern management level of some large and medium-sized paper packaging companies unable to keep up with the process of equipment technological transformation. Multiple advantages generate more profits. In addition, some paper packaging companies have poor access to market information, especially lack of international market operation experience and product innovation capabilities. In order to gain market share, they can only resort to vicious competition to keep prices down, which ultimately leads to low profitability. Even operating at a loss. [next]

Technology Development Forecast

1. Carton combination printing and in-line processing combination printing machine can integrate multiple printing methods on the same production line, including offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing, screen printing, and even digital printing, to give full play to the advantages of various printing methods and achieve advantages Complementary. At the same time, the combination printer also has a variety of online processing capabilities, and can be equipped with a variety of post-press processing devices, such as glazing, laminating, die cutting, indentation, hot stamping, embossing, punching, etc., to make the product one time Completed to achieve continuous production without interruption. Combined printing and in-line processing meet the increasingly complex and diversified requirements of the current paper packaging market for printing and processing processes. Currently, there are a variety of such devices on the market, such as Omit ’s VaryfIex-Fl production line, Newport The company's rotary combination printing machine M0-4, Kidd's XpanndTM combination rotary printing machine, Drant-Geber's VSOP rotary printing machine, etc.

2. Large format offset printing technology Large format offset printing machine has the advantages of large printing area, fast speed, high production efficiency, short operation preparation time, high degree of automation, etc., which caters to the large demand for color printed corrugated boxes in the beer and dairy markets, and can meet paper packaging enterprises "High quality, high effect, low cost" requirements. At present, KBA, Manroland, Heidelberg, Mitsubishi and other well-known international offset press manufacturers have launched their new large-format offset presses in the Chinese market; domestic offset press manufacturers are not far behind, Beiren, Henan Xinji, Jiangsu Changsheng Etc. also launched their own products.

3. Direct printing technology of mini-corrugated carton (box) In recent years, the internationally popular mini-corrugated carton (box) is gradually being promoted to China, and has developed to a certain extent, replacing the high-quantity, weighted corrugated carton . Mini corrugated cardboard has good physical properties and printing suitability. It can be printed directly on offset presses or flexo presses. It can not only get beautiful patterns, but also will not deform and reduce corrugation due to the pressure of printing. Or destroy the strength of the packaging. Industry insiders predict that in the next five years, G-shaped corrugated boxes will occupy 30% of the paper packaging market, and electronic products will become the main battlefield of micro-corrugated boxes (boxes).

4. Folding carton (box)
Folding carton (box) is a new type of paper packaging, and its application field is very wide, which can not only package goods, but also easy to carry, and is deeply loved by consumers. The small-sized assembled folding carton (box) is mainly used for packaging health care products, fruits, vegetables, eggs, frozen aquatic products, small household appliances, instruments, children's toys and other small, light-weight products. This new type of folding carton (box) has a variety of varieties, can play a good role in protecting goods, and has a broad prospect.

5. Corrugated cardboard extended products For a long time, China's corrugated cardboard has been used exclusively for processing cartons, and foreign developed countries have started to develop from a single box to diversified products very early. 60% of corrugated cardboard in Japan is used to produce carton boxes, and the remaining 40% is used to develop other products, such as pallets, cushions, display stands, lightweight furniture, children's toys, teaching appliances, etc. The development of corrugated cardboard extended products can greatly alleviate the crisis of the serious surplus of corrugated cardboard in China, and can also provide a new way out for the major adjustment of the corrugated industry in China.

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