Principle and application of sleeve labeling machine

Automatic sleeve labeling principle:

When a bottle on the conveyor belt passes through the bottle detection eye, the servo-controlled drive group will automatically send the next label, and at the same time, the brushing wheel group will brush the next label, and this label will be placed on the bottle. If the position of the position detection electric eye is incorrect at this time, the label cannot be smoothly put into the bottle.

Institutional function:

1. Cutter set:
Adopt eccentric linkage mechanism, driven by stepper motor, no rotation action without bottle induction, which increases the service life and safety. At the same time, its cutting knife is easy to replace with ordinary paper cutting blade, and it is economical.

2. Machine group:
The whole machine adopts stainless steel body to support the host machine and fixed conveyor belt.

3. Shrinking furnace:
Use electric or steam heat to shrink the label that fits into the bottle and evenly attach it to the bottle.

4. Drive group:
The dual-drive feeding mechanism is used as an indispensable part of the fixed center column. No matter the bottle becomes larger or smaller, as long as the hand wheel is easily rotated to change the required size, the transmission function is completed by the gear set.

5. Split screw:
Separate the bottles to be set at equal distances and enter the bottled group.

6. With bottle set:
It adopts synchronous transmission on both sides, and the height and the positioning of the bottle are only adjusted by one hand wheel, the purpose is to prevent the bottle from shaking and control the height of the sleeve label. [next]

7. Three-color warning light:
Green warning light during normal operation, yellow flashing light during preparation, and red light flashing when the host is abnormal.

8. Center column:
The label film material is sleeved in and spread out, so that the film material can be transmitted and cut.

9. Electric eye frame group:
The optical fiber electric eye is used to transmit signals, and the control system is provided for fixed size transmission, and the position of the electric eye can be adjusted.

10. Brush set:
Use the strap or rubber band to drive the label brush into the bottle.

11. Brush down the group:
A synchronous adjustment mechanism is used to adjust the two sets of conveying wheels under brush to lightly contact the rollers under the center column, and then to put the labels into the bottle at a higher speed when the labels pass.

12. Double material rack group:
To save the time of refueling, the material is fed by a group of conveying roller deceleration motors.

13. Conveyor belt:
The frequency converter is used to adjust the speed of the conveyor belt to match the speed of each production capacity. The machine also uses a synchronous control to make the three parts of the screw group, the bottle group and the conveyor belt into a single knob.

14. According to the battery electric eye:
Monitor the bottle to an appropriate position, and output a signal so that the host automatically sets the label. [next]

15. Feeding group:
It is composed of a feed box and a feed motor that controls the feeding tension of the label, and is used to transfer the label film material.

16. Preheat shrinkage:
It is used to position the label before entering the shrinking furnace to prevent the label from running.

17. Human-machine interface:
As the control center of the machine, each operation display page is divided into main watch, manual, automatic, setting, monitoring, etc., and a few additional knobs and buttons are used to operate the control labeling operation.

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