Academician Min Enze made a report at the "New Energy Forum" of the Institute of Physics

China Education Equipment Purchasing Network Academician Min Enze made a report at the "New Energy Forum" of the Institute of Physics

Academician Min Enze giving a report

On December 31, 2010, Academician Min Enze of the Petrochemical Research Institute of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation visited the "New Energy Forum" of the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as a lecture entitled "The Road from Original Innovation to Industrial Application" Wonderful report of "The Search". Wang Yupeng, director of the Institute of Physics, chaired the report. Academician Chen Liquan, director of the Clean Energy Center of the Institute of Physics, and nearly 200 teachers and students attended the lecture.

Academician Min Enze's report discussed "what is the original innovation", "how to conceive the original innovation" and "how to go from the original innovation to industrial application" by reviewing historical cases and his decades of research experience in the field of petroleum catalysis Three issues emphasize that original innovation must transfer the scientific knowledge base of technology to a brand new scientific knowledge base. The original innovative ideas come from a wide range of sources, including the inspiration and discussion of the literature, the transfer of knowledge from other disciplines, new applications of existing scientific knowledge, the harvest of other industries and professional conferences, unexpected discoveries in experiments, integration with other industry knowledge, and basic research Guidance. Regarding how to realize from original innovation to industrial application, Academician Min Enze believes that original innovation should have the following three characteristics: 1. To meet the needs of the domestic market in the near, medium and long term, think about what the enterprise thinks and worry about the enterprise; 2 3. Carry out oriented basic research, accumulate new scientific knowledge, and form original innovative ideas; carry out pioneering exploration and search for original innovative seedlings; 3. Take enterprises as innovation bases, aim at building the first industrial demonstration device, organize research and accelerate Innovation results are transformed into productivity. Regarding the difficult process of completing the road from original innovation to industrialization, Academician Min Enze particularly emphasized the spirit of teamwork and the spirit of overcoming difficulties and persisting in the end with the theme of "Journey to the West".

After the report, Min Enze academician message to young researchers: to keep learning, to learn to draw lessons from the failure, there must be selfless dedication; team spirit, integrity.

Academician Min Enze is an expert in China's petrochemical catalysts. During the research and development of catalyst development, new catalytic materials and new reaction engineering, he has won many first and second prizes of the National Science and Technology Progress Award and several national invention awards. Among them, "ZRP molecular sieve with high hydrothermal stability" was rated as one of the top ten scientific and technological achievements of the country in 1995, and "Integrated and innovative amorphous alloy catalyst and magnetically stabilized bed hydrogenation process" won the national technical invention in 2005. First prize. Academician Min Enze won the 2007 National Highest Science and Technology Award, and was named the 2007 Annual Touching Person of China.

The New Energy Forum is a series of lectures held by the Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Frontier Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Clean Energy Research Center of the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It invites outstanding scientists and engineers from all over the world who have made creative contributions in the field of new energy and promoted the progress of science and technology. Explain the current scientific and technological issues, future development directions, technology transfer and scientific research experience in the field of new energy to promote young students' love and pursuit of new energy science and promote the achievement of creative achievements.

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