How to maintain Heidelberg printing press

Cleaning and maintenance of ink roller (water roller): Generally, the dirt on the roller is divided into three categories: ink; crystalline compound; glaze. The cause of each type of dirt is different, and the specific composition is different. In response to the above phenomenon, we propose corresponding countermeasures to solve it.

1. General printing method

1. Ink

â‘´. Fresh ink

Fresh ink stays on the roller surface for a short time, so it can be effectively washed away with car wash water.

⑵. Semi-dry ink

The semi-dry ink stays on the surface of the roller for a certain period of time, and has transitioned from the fixed state to the dry state, and a part of it has entered the capillary hole inside the roller, which can be used to accumulate water Two kinds of water) to be washed.

⑶. Completely dry ink

The adhesion of the semi-dry ink on the roller is stronger, and as the roller continues to run, more parts enter the roller capillary hole and need to be treated with a color-changing paste.

â‘·Dry ink for a long time

It is called "dead ink" and needs to be treated with dead ink remover.

2. Crystalline compound

The crystalline compound is mainly due to the high hardness of printing water and the deposition of calcium in some paper coatings on the surface of the ink roller and water roller. Using the water roller to remove the accumulated water can effectively remove the crystals on the water roller, and using decalcified water can effectively remove the crystals on the ink roller.

3. Enamel

For long-term running ink rollers, the surface will become very smooth, and the ink transfer performance will be seriously reduced (no ink, no water), causing the printer to fail to operate normally. At this time, it is necessary to treat it with an accumulation paste to remove the glazed surface. [next]

two. Current popular methods and future trends

With the improvement of printing technology and the development of China's economy, some traditional cleaning methods will be gradually eliminated, followed by a new cleaning technology, in which dry ice spray cleaning application on the printing machine is very prominent:

1. First of all, the principle of dry ice cleaning is that the dry ice blasting medium dry ice particles are accelerated in the high-pressure air flow and impact the surface to be cleaned. The unique feature of dry ice cleaning is that dry ice particles vaporize at the moment of impact. The momentum of dry ice disappeared at the moment of impact. Heat exchange rapidly occurs between the dry ice particles and the cleaned surface. As a result, solid CO2 sublimates rapidly into gas. Dry ice particles expand nearly 800 times in volume in a few thousandths of a second, which causes a "mini explosion" at the point of impact. Because CO2 evaporates, no secondary waste is generated during the dry ice cleaning process, leaving only the dirt that needs to be removed. Its main feature is no pollution and no harm to cleaning workers.

2. Secondly, the problem of cleaning time, dry ice cleaning can remove all kinds of oil-based, water-based inks and varnishes, clean up the oil stains, ink deposits and dyes on gears, guide rails and nozzles, to avoid the discharge of hazardous waste and solutions, as well as caused by hazardous solvents Personal injury.

Dirty printing equipment can cause serious consequences, such as: dry ink, dirt, paper dust, sprayer dust, etc. These dirts can cause damage to moving parts. The adjustment tension of the chain and pliers is beyond the tolerance range, and the ink can damage the motor prematurely. In addition, heavy ink, grease, oil and other dirt will cover cracks and other problems. To maintain the cleanliness of the printing press comes from many reasons, through Qinghao operators can detect problems early and deal with them in time to avoid greater losses. This is the best way to quickly remove dirt such as ink, grease, and resin. Using dry ice cleaning, an operator can complete the cleaning work that needs 8 hours of labor in one hour. Some fragile tooling such as rubber cylinders can be cleaned with dry ice without damage. The improvement of the life and quality of the device is very obvious.

Benefits: Reduce downtime-no corrosion to electrical components-no cover-reduce the use of chemicals-less disassembly-no damage-can clean hooks and cracks that are not reachable by humans, one-to-one washing machine can be completely clean within 20-30 hours Clean a 4-color printing machine. Ordinary printing machine cleaning takes about 10 hours, and using two washing machines can halve the washing time.

â—† Maintenance of blanket

After printing each time, the blanket can be cleaned with car wash water; the water accumulated by the water roller can restore the concave part of the blanket, remove ghosts, and also contain the ingredients of the alcohol residue; and the water accumulated by the ink roller can be used to remove the rubber Ink and its desiccant; for the "dead ink" that has been dried on the rubber for a long time, it can be treated with a dead ink remover; the non-marking water is suitable for removing the paper hair accumulated on the rubber, and can also restore the rubber elasticity.

â—† Cleaning of water circulation system

Water-ink balance is a crucial part of the printing production process. In the use of "water"-the fountain solution, "water size"-that is, the concentration and amount of fountain solution-has been paid more attention to, while the cleaning of the entire wetting cycle system is often overlooked. Due to the recycling of fountain solution, the components in ink, paper and other chemical products inevitably enter the circulation system, which will cause the accumulation of these mixed dirts in the long run (especially inside the pipeline), resulting in water tank turbidity and pipeline bacteria Breeding and emitting odor, which seriously affects the quality of printing. The use of clean water to clean the circulation system can not be thoroughly cleaned. It is recommended to use a special wet circulation cleaning agent to solve the problem fundamentally.

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