The mahogany furniture shape is indispensable

High-quality mahogany furniture should first have a good "born", a good "education", and have their own unique "personality" and "humble heart." Shape, art, material and rhyme are the basic elements of mahogany furniture. Only mahogany products with these basic conditions can be mellow under the time of grinding and washing.


Scarce wood is more valuable

In general, the materials belonging to the five categories and eight categories of the mahogany standard have a collection value. Among the many materials, Hainan huanghuali, red sandalwood, ebony, rosewood and other materials are the most popular, while Hainan huanghuali and red sandalwood are popular because of the scarcity of raw materials in recent years. Trees that can be made into mahogany furniture are generally over a hundred years old. These trees are faced with being cut down and will become non-renewable resources for a period of time.

Due to the current status of Hainan huanghuali, it is difficult to find a material such as red sandalwood and red rosewood. Red rosewood has good potential in terms of appearance, charm and stability, and red rosewood furniture also has a high cost performance. In general, good mahogany furniture is scientific and reasonable in terms of ingredients and ingredients, which can bring a natural beauty to the visual sense.


Formal beauty combined with comfort

The design of good classical furniture is artistic and regular, and its structure and shape are quite elaborate. There are virtual and real relationships, proportional relationships and line rhythms. The design of a good classical furniture should be vital, to give the furniture a rhythmic posture. Among them, the form of furniture design needs to be combined with the comfort of use, but the furniture with good comfort looks beautiful, from the details of the line to the overall shape, natural and natural, without pretentiousness and awkwardness.

A valuable classical furniture should also reflect the designer's philosophy and reflect the characteristics of this era. Products from conception to shape design, to sculpture, have their own personality, with traditional meaning and unique aesthetic value. It embodies the creators' thoughts, emotions and feelings, and has more aesthetic value, which enables people to enjoy aesthetic pleasure, association and resonance in the process of appreciating it.


Each process is interlocked

The moisture content of mahogany furniture wood is directly related to the adaptability of furniture to seasonal changes. Therefore, to ensure the quality of mahogany, the wood must be repeatedly dried and treated, and finally the moisture content of the wood is reduced to 8%-12%, so that mahogany Furniture is not easily deformed and cracked.

The quality mahogany furniture is well-made and structurally stable. The quality of the assembly is also directly related to the advantages and disadvantages of the furniture. The furniture under the good 榫卯 assembly is evenly stressed and has no deformation. The structure of the furniture is horizontal, vertical and the lines are connected smoothly. The scraping process after assembly is an important process in the process of making mahogany furniture. Good mahogany furniture needs to be polished by hand. The polished semi-finished furniture has smooth lines, smooth surface and no wave, smooth and clear texture, and smooth and comfortable hand. If the waxing process of the furniture is intact, the wax liquid can penetrate and maintain well, showing beautiful wood grain and color, making the furniture wood bright and not dry, showing a moist and simple temperament.


Famous carvings are more valuable

Judging the quality of mahogany furniture, it is also important to have an engraving process. It is necessary to comprehensively judge the engraving content and the degree of sophistication. This can best reflect the human value of mahogany furniture.

The artistry of mahogany furniture is related to the content of sculpture. Characters, landscapes, birds and beasts and other comprehensive sculptures are difficult and costly. The engraving techniques are relatively high, so these kinds of sculptures are among the same types of furniture. It should be the top grade. The same engraving content also has a rough and fine distinction. From the perspective of engraving, the deeper, larger, more and more elaborate patterns, the more energy is consumed, and the value is naturally higher.

In addition, when the carving art flourished, Gao Ming technicians have already picked one. Nowadays, the engraving talents are dying and the skills are lost, making it harder for famous artists. Therefore, the mahogany furniture, which is hand-carved by famous teachers, takes a long time and the number is extremely limited, and the value of its collection naturally rises.

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