LG Hausys Jin Chengxuan: Waves are not shocking


Jin Chengxuan, Vice President of Sales, LG China

[Reporter] Hello everyone, today we are interviewed by Mr. Jin Chengxuan, Vice President of Sales of LG China. Hello, Mr. Jin.

[Jin Chengxuan] Hello.

[Reporter] Welcome to today's China Construction Expo, what new products did LG bring to today's exhibition?

[Jin Chengxuan] In today's exhibition, we brought clear environmental products and green products, including clear environmental products based on corn wallpaper.

[Reporter] How long is our wallpaper update cycle?

[Jin Chengxuan] In South Korea, because the habit of South Korea has always been that it is basically a product color update cycle for a year or so, but after our LG wallpaper comes to China, considering the actual situation in China, our update cycle should be In three to five years or so.

[Reporter] Is the new product release usually in the months of each year?

[Jin Chengxuan] is generally in February or March of each year.

[Reporter] From the situation of today's exhibition, what kind of products are consumers more interested in?

[Jin Chengxuan] In his understanding, it may be said that our consumers are very interested in our green products, the true green products, and the products designed by famous designers.

[Reporter] We all know that LG is not just a wallpaper. Please tell us about the building materials industry. What is the development trend of the whole home building materials industry?

[Jin Chengxuan] The total can be summarized as three points. The first point is to look at the overall color and color preferences. In the past, we Chinese may prefer more gorgeous colors, but now more and more like softer. The color of the flower is no longer as gorgeous as the previous pursuit of color. Another point is that the demands for green products are getting higher and higher, and green products are more and more popular among consumers. The third point, and the most important point that may be reflected in the wallpaper is not so obvious, that is, the demand for such products in energy saving and emission reduction is getting higher and higher in China.

[Reporter] What kind of expected effect do you hope to achieve for this exhibition?

[Jin Chengxuan] This is the first time that our LG wallpaper officially participated in this large-scale wallpaper exhibition. We hope that through this exhibition, we can tell Chinese consumers what kind of things we are doing, how is LG's wallpaper? A feature, how is a concept, what kind of ideas are integrated into it.

[Reporter] For the regulation of first-line buildings, as well as the downturn in the home industry, do we have any adjustments to the channels?

[Jin Chengxuan] First of all, the big property control policy, although it may be said that the real estate regulation is more strict, but from a fundamental point of view, in the long run, the real estate policy is still to continue to develop. As for the channel, we are now dealing with this situation. We have developed two kinds of wallpapers. We have developed Korean wallpapers and Chinese wallpapers, or Korean wallpapers and global wallpapers. The global wallpapers are specifically designed for the Chinese market. Products specially developed under special circumstances, we implement regional agency system in the region, and develop our own independent agents in each region.

[Reporter] Speaking of the differentiation of wallpapers in Korea and China, can you tell me about the biggest difference between Chinese wallpaper and Korean wallpaper?

[Jin Chengxuan] The Korean version of the wallpaper is a kind of wallpaper product that has been used by ordinary people in Korea for decades. Therefore, the whole color should be very traditional. Koreans like very plain and a little stunned. However, because China's wallpapers are mainly used in commercial spaces, there may be office hotels, and then our family is mainly used in the background wall, so I like the gorgeous colors. This is the biggest difference between the Korean version and the Chinese version.

[Reporter] Ok, thank you for accepting my interview, thank you.

[Jin Chengxuan] Thank you.

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