The United States through the wood products formaldehyde new standard furniture paint new challenges

The US Senate recently passed the "Standards on Formaldehyde for Composite Wood Products," which will be officially implemented on July 1, 2012. The new bill passed again reduced the amount of formaldehyde released from wood products sold and sold throughout the United States, where formaldehyde emissions from wood chips were reduced from 0.3 ppm to 0.09 ppm, and hardwood plywood was released from 0.2 ppm. To 0.05 ppm.

Furniture lacquer is actually a common "wooden lacquer " on the market, especially for wood and bamboo furniture. As the important original auxiliary material of the furniture industry, furniture lacquer directly affects the low carbon and environmental protection level of the furniture industry. However, the quality supervision bureaus in many places in China have checked the formaldehyde in the furniture factory and found that formaldehyde and other harmful substances exceeded the standard. The excessive formaldehyde emission is the biggest problem in wood furniture. Harmful substances such as formaldehyde toluene not only stay in the production line, but may cause harm to the health of consumers after leaving the factory. Paying attention to the environmental quality of furniture lacquer is a reflection of corporate social responsibility.

Prior to this, countries such as Europe and the United States also had relevant regulations on furniture lacquer, and the "Standards of Composite Wood Products Formaldehyde Act" passed by the United States was three to four times higher than the original requirements. As a big country in furniture production, China's furniture exports account for an important proportion. Facing the relevant laws and regulations of Europe and the United States, furniture enterprises should recognize that China's export furniture faces major challenges. If it does not improve the low-carbon environmental protection level of furniture paint, it will seriously affect Furniture exports. At the same time, Chinese furniture companies should also recognize that furniture environmental protection is the general trend. Although there is no clear prohibition on the use of solvent-based wood coatings in China, and the market share of water-based paints in the domestic furniture paint market is still very low, safety and environmental protection is undoubtedly the trend of furniture paint development in the future.

For enterprises that produce furniture lacquers, it is also necessary to increase technical research and development and adjust production to meet the needs of furniture factories. Furniture companies and furniture lacquer enterprises should achieve good docking, and in the face of challenges, jointly promote the process of environmental protection of furniture lacquers in China and promote the healthy development of the furniture industry.

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