The policy requires high standards for building insulation materials.

"If we can't solve the hidden dangers of building materials from the root cause, we pessimistically judge that the major tragedy like Shanghai Jiaozhou Road fire will happen again and again." The Fire Department of the Ministry of Public Security recently said in an interview with the Economic Information Daily. On April 19th, shortly afterwards, a fire broke out in the Shanghai Telecom Building. According to the Fire Department of the Ministry of Public Security, the cause was still caused by the fire of building insulation materials.

The reporter then visited the Fire Department of the Ministry of Public Security. According to relevant sources, the flammable, toxic and difficult to fight is the “dead hole” of the mainstream building insulation materials in the market. The Ministry of Public Security issued this issue in mid-March. Notice on Relevant Requirements for Fire Supervision and Management of Civil Building Exterior Insulation Materials (hereinafter referred to as Circular 65). Compared with the previous relevant regulations, Circular 65 clarifies two points: First, the civil building exterior insulation materials are included in the fire protection design review, fire inspection and filing and inspection scope of the construction project; second, the civil building exterior insulation materials are used for combustion performance. A grade A material. In this regard, some insiders said that if the fire protection standard of No. 65 document is forcibly promoted, it will become the most stringent standard for building insulation materials in history.

"From the perspective of the accidents identified by the investigation, the use of external wall insulation materials that do not meet the requirements of fire protection standards is one of the important reasons for the expansion of fire damage." Recently, Huang Yi, member of the party committee and chief engineer of the State Administration of Work Safety, was in the Economic Information Daily. The reporter asked the Shanghai Jiaozhou Road fire accident responsibility to answer.

It is a general trend for the relevant departments to implement higher standards of building insulation materials. However, the industry’s doubts about the No. 65 document followed. Recently, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Fire Department of the Ministry of Public Security held an industry symposium on exterior wall insulation materials in Shanghai. The reporter of the Economic Information Daily interviewed the venue and found that most enterprises believed that the provisions of Circular 65 were too strict, saying that the insulation materials market There are serious shortages in capacity preparation, and many companies even recommend that the Ministry of Public Security re-open the standard.

Yang Zongxi, a senior consultant of the Polyurethane Products Professional Committee, said in an interview with the Economic Information Daily that most of the organic insulation materials on the market do not meet the Class A fire protection standards. In a short period of time, manufacturers are not likely to produce them. Organic insulation materials that meet Class A fire protection standards. In this way, the vacuum will appear in the market for a period of time.

A person in charge of the company producing EPS fireproof materials told the Economic Information Daily that the No. 65 document had a great influence on the industry. "There are many manufacturers of EPS materials on the market, and there are many products in stock. If EPS materials are prohibited. Then, a considerable number of manufacturers will be affected and even cleared out of the market. What about the construction market in the short term? Do we have to build our affordable housing?" He told reporters that there are quite a lot of construction sites because Insulation materials that do not meet the standard have come to a standstill.

Hou Shuting, chairman of the EPS Committee of the China Plastics Association, said that the No. 65 document is not advisable: "First, from the double standards of meeting fire prevention and energy conservation, there is no product on the market that can truly replace existing materials. Second, for Are the Ministry of Public Security investigating the fire protection standards that can be achieved in actual production environments for those organic materials that claim to have Class A fire protection standards in the laboratory?"

Hou Shuting reminded that the materials used in the three fires (CCTV fire, Shanghai Jiaozhou Road fire, Shenyang fire) are all below the prescribed fire protection standards. "Let many materials below the prescribed standards be mixed into the construction market. In fact, it is related. The supervision is weak, not our current standard is too low. What we have to do is to first eliminate this part of the inferior materials, instead of setting a standard that everyone can't reach to make the industry stagnant."

Li Bingren, chief economist of the Ministry of Housing and Construction, repeatedly emphasized the significance of energy conservation and emission reduction at the forum. He told the Economic Information Daily reporter: "The cause of the fire is very complicated and it is not yet easy to judge.

If there are companies in the market claiming that their products meet the A-level standards, then they should go to the relevant professional departments to test. "

Li Bingren said that "the market for exterior wall insulation materials cannot be ruined, and the old road that does not save energy ten years ago." This article refers to the fact that inorganic materials were eliminated from the market a decade ago due to poor energy conservation.

More participants in the industry told reporters that in view of the strong resistance of the industry, the No. 65 document lacks feasibility in the market, and the huge construction market cannot withstand the risk of downtime. It is hoped that the Ministry of Public Security Fire Bureau can relax the standards.

In this regard, the attitude of the Fire Department of the Ministry of Public Security interviewed by reporters is relatively firm. "The interests behind this industry are too much involved. Relaxing the standard is tantamount to loosening a hole. The definition of flame retardant, flammable and flammable is rather vague and easy to implement. "A fire department executive told the "Economic Information Daily" reporter that "the establishment of strict standards allows the industry to stop and think about how to develop in the future. This policy document can also promote the scientific upgrading of the industry."

A fire station official who participated in the rescue of these three fires told the Economic Information Daily that high-rise buildings with flammable exterior wall insulation materials could hardly be saved once they caught fire. This is a worldwide problem "caused by insulation materials." The fire spread very quickly. The fire in Shenyang burned from the 10th floor to the 37th floor in less than 5 minutes. The polyurethane material of the Shanghai Jiaozhou Road fire burned black smoke, and most of the victims were sucking two poisonous cigarettes.

"If you don't put aside the hidden dangers in the materials, there will be a tragedy like the Shanghai Jiaozhou Road fire." The fire department official with 30 years of fire fighting experience said.

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