The price of titanium dioxide has doubled in two years, and the price of furniture will rise.

The PVC pipe to be installed in the house, the white latex paint to be used in the renovation of the new house, the ink for printing, the clothes on the chemical fiber fabric worn on the body, and even a piece of white paper, a tube of toothpaste, a bottle of cosmetics, these seem to come from different The products of the industry will have to face a "white" pressure.

Recently, the price of titanium dioxide, which has been rising all the way through the year, has come out again. DuPont announced that it will increase the price of all titanium dioxide in the paper and paperboard market from April 1. The US market will be raised by US$441/ton, and the Asia-Pacific market will be raised by US$200/ton. The other three international titanium dioxide giants Ishihara, Huntsman and Teno have recently raised the price of titanium dioxide. The domestic manufacturer Jinzhou Titanium has also raised the price of titanium dioxide by 500 yuan/ton.

Due to the wide application of titanium dioxide in life, some people even worry that the price increase of titanium dioxide will affect the downstream industry.

Titanium dioxide prices such as rockets

About 80% of the various white pigments in our lives come from titanium dioxide, or titanium dioxide, which is considered to be the most outstanding white pigment in the world. In daily life, it is inseparable from house cars, tables and chairs, to clothing, shoes and hats, food and medicine. Therefore, the price increase of titanium dioxide can be said to be one-stop.

Since April last year, titanium dioxide has been increasing in price around the world. On April 1 last year, DuPont raised the net price of all specifications of titanium dioxide sold in the Asia-Pacific region by US$300 per metric ton, and then raised the price three times in a row. After the recent price adjustment, according to the data of the commodity data company business, at present, the price of titanium dioxide in the North American market is about 4189-4497 US dollars / ton, which has increased by 195% compared with the same period of 2010.

According to industry analysts, international leading manufacturers have been able to raise prices smoothly, mainly because the international titanium dioxide industry has long-term competition, high concentration of industry, mastery of the right to speak and pricing; in addition, some titanium resources countries limit exports, forming a price increase Cost driven.

The price increase of titanium dioxide in the first round is undoubtedly a major positive for domestic titanium dioxide producers. On July 15 last year, Henan Yulilian Chemical Co., Ltd., which ranked second in the domestic titanium dioxide industry, successfully landed on the A-share small and medium-sized board, and its share price doubled on the day of listing. As of yesterday, the profit of the company reached 101.03 yuan / share, up 84% over the issue price, while the small and medium board index fell 23%.

The price of paints and furniture will rise.

"The price of titanium dioxide has been rising for the past two years. Since the Spring Festival this year, the price of titanium dioxide has risen twice, about 10%." The person in charge of a water-based coloring material manufacturer in the province told reporters that "previously The titanium dioxide raw materials we use for production are all imported, but the price of imported titanium dioxide has risen too fast in the past two years, while the domestic titanium dioxide price is slightly lower. For cost reasons, we also started to purchase Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. And other domestic companies' products."

The person in charge said that the company currently purchases DuPont rutile titanium dioxide, which is priced at RMB 28-30/kg, and purchases a rutile titanium dioxide from a Sichuan company, which is about 24 yuan/kg, while anatase titanium White powder is 19 yuan / kg. In terms of the use effect, there is no difference between domestic products and imported products.

“The price of titanium dioxide rose and then rose, mainly due to the increase in the price of titanium concentrates,” the official said.

The price of titanium dioxide continued to rise, which is undoubtedly a serious challenge to the cost of the first major user of the titanium dioxide coating industry, and evolved from raw materials to downstream terminals. According to industry insiders, titanium dioxide has risen, solvents have risen, followed by pigments, resins, etc., and then finished paint products have also increased prices, and the pressure of rising prices for furniture and decoration has followed.

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