So that you can always exercise abdominal muscles

If the abdomen is in a sagging state most of the day, then all abdominal exercises will have no effect. Juliet, one of the authors of "Abdominal Prevention," said, "The human abdominal muscles are designed to work throughout the day, keeping your body straight and not bowing or lazy." If your abdomen begins to grow and heavier, try Try the following exercise.

While standing, place one hand in front of your hips, place your other hand on the same side, and contract your abs, your two hands will come together. Please pay attention to how to arch? Then let your abdominal muscles relax slowly, and the two hands naturally separate. Feel how your back is arched. Finally, tighten your abs so that your hips are vertically below your body and your hands are straight. This is the usual feeling your abdominal muscles should have.

Dr. Burkspan said, “In daily life, such as standing, sitting, shopping, combing, etc., try to maintain the positive state of the abdominal muscles. With abdominal exercises, you will be more upright when standing. Muscle groups are stronger and flatter."

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