3D vintage makeup to create gorgeous noble goddess

The deep sense of the five senses can create a sense of nobility, so it is very necessary to learn to create a three-dimensional beauty. The meticulous eyebrows once again become the key to the retro trend, and quickly pick up the cosmetics on your hands to learn and transform into a gorgeous noble goddess !

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Exquisite gorgeous feeling, in addition to the use of fur interpretation, but also to create with a three-dimensional look. The meticulous attitude is the unique quality of the nobility, we must learn!

The following rules apply to creating this makeup:

Rule 1: Creating a meticulously clear and distinct eyebrow

Breaking through the soft eyebrows in the past, it is the moving inertia of thinking. In this season, the nostalgic style is flourishing . With a darker eyebrow pencil, the eyebrow shape is clearly outlined, which can create a noble modern trend!

Rule 2: The hard-brown eyebrow pencil is the key to shaping the eyebrow!

Not just eyebrows with eyebrow pencil to fill the missing piece, but use it to depict the whole entire shape, emphasizing the profile of Mei Feng, and you will become the image of the whole look bright. Choose a hard-filled refill to make the drawing process easier.

Rule 3: Eyeliner & Eyeliner at the end of the eye emphasizes noble feeling

The two-way elongated eyeliner, with a distinct eyebrow shape, is naturally generated. Also notice the lower eyeliner! The rich grayish black is still the focus of the fall.

Rule 4: Pearlescent color is also full of cohesiveness!

Brighten the pearlescent eyeshadow in the eyes, add a sense of gorgeous, but also make the eyes more cohesive. Cool-toned eyeshadows emphasize the sense of nobility, while lighter gold adds a sense of intimacy.

Meticulous eyebrows, specific steps:

Use the point to confirm the position you need to draw. First, use the eyebrow pencil to confirm the position at the upper and lower edges of the eyebrow.

The upper and lower edges are connected in a smooth line, and the eyebrow pencil is used to draw clear lines. Don't ignore the eyebrows.

The nude pearls are used to make the upper eyelids, and the pearlescent eyeshadows with the skin color are at the bottom of the eye socket.

Dark gray extends the length of the eye, and this season's shadow only emphasizes the two parts of the eye and the end of the eye.

The entire eye is wrapped with the lower eye shadow, and the last two thirds of the lower eyelid are covered with light gray.

The thick black eyeliner fills the root of the eyelashes thinly, and the black eyeliner extends outward from both the eye and the end of the eye.

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This article originated from China Washing Cosmetics Network, specializing in providing cosmetics agents, more information in the cosmetics network!

This article originated from China Washing Cosmetics Network, specializing in providing cosmetics agents, more information in the cosmetics network!

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