Full observation of cause of Maotai bottle recycling chain

"10 Maotai bottles and 8 returned to Maotai Town." So, who is the real buyer of these empty bottles? According to the reporter’s understanding, almost every “old seniority” gift recycling shop and tobacco and alcohol business shop have one or two often-connected “middlemen,” who seized high-quality empty maotai bottles and wine boxes at high prices. Resellers sell to fake wine makers.

In Maotai Town, there are more than 600 small wineries and workshops, 70% of which are built by internal employees of Maotai Winery, and the remaining 30% are also built by employees' relatives. “Moutai factory has nearly 10,000 employees throughout the factory. The internal staff brought convenience to these fake counterfeits and brought troubles to the relevant departments.” said one manager of Maotai Winery.

The biggest “convenience” for internal employees to counterfeit wine is liquor base. The so-called "wine base" refers to the original pulp wine that has just been produced without any blending, and is the key to making wine. Usually, winery workers take an old wine (10 jins) from the inside, depending on the year, the price ranges from 500 to 800 yuan, and with this 10 jins of wine as a wine base, more than 100 fake Maotai can be blended. In addition, the Maotai Distillery has a series of products. The lower-end Maotai Prince liquor and Maotai Yingbin liquor are also deeply favored by employees. They are widely used in blending fake Moutai in their own workshops. "With fake Maotai made by them, most people find it difficult to taste true or false," said a senior Maocheng distributor in Renhuai City, Guizhou Province.

(Dealer) A friend of the old Cheng Ji, claiming to be the "best fake Maotai supplier" in a place. He calculated the account for the reporter: “A bottle of 53-degree Maotai 800 yuan, a bottle of Moutai Prince 100 yuan, even if it is used to make wine base, the cost is only 900 yuan. True bottled fake wine - wrong, it should be said It's a true half-empty bottle of wine - it's almost a real fake, and it's on the market. It's the same as a 53-degree flying Maotai. It sells for about 1,500 yuan. The profit is 600 yuan. The store sells a bottle of real wine. 100 yuan, so, in the case of tight supply of Maotai wineries, some stores will sell fake wine.Of course, they will not be sold in the store, but will be mixed in a wine, 3 bottles of 3 bottles Fake, the person buying does not know whether to buy real goods or high imitation goods.As for the ordinary tobacco and wine shops and the so-called high-end hotels, it is almost impossible to have genuine goods sold to you.(2011, 2, 22 “True and False Black” Industry Chain Tracking: Internal employees participate in counterfeit Maotai))

When I saw this report, I immediately thought of one thing in 2009. In that year, we had a cultural evening to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of reform and opening up. To enrich the form of the party, I invited Shamu Brother to write a poem specifically for the party. After the poems were made, the organizers were very satisfied and said that they would like to invite Shamu Big Brother to drink alcohol. During the dinner, the waiter asked what to drink? The guest responded loudly: Gao Mao (also known as Maotai)! Did not think the next morning Shamu big brother gave me a call and said that "high Mao" is false, because the head has been dizzy until now. In fact, I was dizzy that day, because of their poor drinking, but also thought it was difficult to drink. But this way, I still doubt the letter, because we drink a place is a "five stars." But now, I finally believed.

After reading this report and thinking of it, I couldn’t help but jump out a lot of questions:

Why can Maotai leave? Demand is in short supply. It can be imagined that, in 2010, the annual production capacity of Maotai Distillery was 22,000 tons, 53 of which were Maotai's output of about 10,000 tons. Except for the special supply, group purchase and agreement units, they were actually distributed to provincial and municipal stores. Only two or three thousand tons. According to the calculation of an average of 10 prefecture-level cities in each provincial administrative district, each prefecture-level city can allocate 6 to 10 tons of Maotai, which is 6,000 to 20,000 bottles, and the daily supply is limited to only 50 bottles. . Want to buy Flying Maotai in the market, can it be easy? Because demand exceeds supply, falsification came into being.

Why Moutai rose soaring? It is also in short supply. Because of the shortage of supply, prices naturally soar year after year. Feitai Maotai is the flagship product of Kweichow Moutai. From 2005 to 2011, the market price of 53-degree flying maotai soared from 368 yuan to 959 yuan, an average of 100 yuan per year. Things are rare and precious, and that is a natural "to make Maotai Fei" endless.

Why does fake wine produce well? Still in short supply. Since there are so many people who "have decided that Castle Peak does not relax," they must have Maotai sing the "protagonist" at the banquet, and Zhenmaotai is so "scarce," together with the price of fake Maotai and Maodai, it can produce so much. Why don't you make your money into your pockets? In addition, Maotai Town has such a strong "productivity". Why can't it boost productivity?

Why does fake wine sell well? Because it is hard to argue. The report states that the internal employees of the Maotai Distillery have the “natural” psychic skills. Even the “lower Maotai Prince liquor and Maotai Yingbin liquor” are blended. The average person is hard to taste true and false. Face is big, true and false, as long as the taste is Maotai, and drink immortal people, what are you afraid of?

Who is a fake wine promoter? When it is rich, it is expensive. Just think, how many poor people in China? How many rich people in China? How much public money does China consume? How many employers in China need? Who can afford it? Who can afford it? With regard to these six question marks, it does not explain everything?

Except for state banquets and important banquets at the provincial or ministry level, all large and small official banquets are not allowed to go to Maotai. If the boss entertains, the civil servant must abstain. If all civil servants do not accept personal gifts from any boss, including Maotai. Let Maotai Feifei see? Which of the 10 Moutai bottles and 8 can be returned to Maotai? If Maotai enters a balance of supply and demand, are so many people going to counterfeiting? Are those counterfeiters going to drink fake Maotai?

In the final analysis, Maotai liquor soared all the way, Maotai liquor fake wine, wind, corruption is an important cause. Can anyone say that this is not a fact?

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