Be careful that "beauty sensation" becomes "increasing age"

In life, if the sleep is irregular, the skin will become dull and rough. Some people say: Beauty is more. Others said: men rely on eating, women rely on sleep. It seems that women who care for their skin believe that ensuring adequate sleep can help maintain skin. However, according to the latest scientific research, this is not the case. If you want to have the effect of “beauty sensation”, you can achieve it as long as you have enough sleep. The various kinds of care before going to bed are also very particular.

Sleep well, age reduction

As time goes by, the skin will gradually show signs of aging. Just ensuring sleep doesn't stop wrinkles, because every night of sleep, the skin is aging. If you use the wrong skin care products, sleep will not be able to "reduced age", but will also become "age-age".

Trap 1

It’s right to sleep, is it right to decide if you can be a “sleeping beauty”?

The metabolism of the skin is most active from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am. In these few hours, if you can guarantee sleep and use your own anti-aging skin care products, sleep becomes a real thing. feel".

12 o'clock midnight adjustment effectively prevents aging

To keep your skin young, your skin needs to be in perfect balance. The scientific community has now found that the imbalance of the regulatory factors of the skin is also part of the cause of skin aging. When the body is at rest, the ingredients that repair the skin's conditioning factor in the night cream will allow the skin to reach a balance of youth.

Trap 2

After the age of 35, "beauty sensation" is prone to " increasing age "

Scientists have concluded that skin aging is derived from the inside of the skin. There are "toxins" in the skin - the presence of free radicals that weaken and destroy the fibers that make up the skin, while new fibers are formed to replace the broken fibers.

At about 35 years old, the speed of skin fiber destruction is faster than the rate of new fiber formation. As a result, the skin's fiber reserve is gradually depleted, the tension of the dermis is decreasing, and wrinkles are generated and become more and more obvious. Therefore, after 35 years old, if the skin care products used at night can not eliminate free radicals, then sleep more, and it will not help the beauty, but may fall into the "ageing sense"

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