[In-wall wardrobe purchase] What issues should be paid attention to when buying in-wall wardrobes?

[Chinese wardrobe network] [difficulties] Nowadays, many houses are small-sized, and the space of small-sized houses will be relatively small. What should be paid attention to during renovation, in order to save space as much as possible? To plan well, the in-wall wardrobe decoration is one of the details that can save space. Then, what problems should you pay attention to when purchasing in-wall wardrobes?

[Question] What issues should be paid attention to when purchasing a wall-mounted wardrobe?

Into the wall wardrobe to buy

【Best answer】

The home page is the material for the wall-mounted wardrobe. Most of the wall-mounted cabinets on the market use medium-density fiberboards, some use moisture-proof boards, and medium-density boards are better. In addition, look at the veneers. The hardware of the wall cabinet is also very important, including carbon steel, titanium alloy and aluminum alloy. The smoothness, wear resistance and pressure resistance of the pulley are also very important. Different consumption concepts correspond to different color hobbies; different colors create different decoration styles. At present, the materials available on the market for sliding doors are mainly wood, glass, mirrors and other special materials. Individual manufacturers have also introduced a new type of plate with "one plate and two colors", similar to the "color shell free change" function of fashion mobile phones. After using it for a year and a half, you can also use the other side of the flower to use it. You can enjoy the new feeling of "renovating" life without spending any more money.

Of course, you can't just look at the materials and pay attention to the following points:

1. The water content is between 5-11;

2, whether the board is strong or not, it determines the service life of the cabinet, the thickness standard should be 18mm, the density standard is 0.6-0.9g/cm3, sturdy and durable, the service life should be more than 15 years, of course, if you want to thicken, But the price is definitely higher;

3, the process is fine, the most important thing is to look at: A. board edge sealing, good edge sealing is generally the same color and thickness is 1.5-2mm; B. back plate is slotted to ensure stability, back plate fixed best Do not use nail nails, it will rust easily after a long time, affecting the service life of the wardrobe;

4, there are many beams and columns, how to hide and modify these beams and columns, related to the overall aesthetic effect of the wardrobe , high-grade overall wardrobe can be designed according to the specific space structure, and can provide non-standard customized services;

5, whether the price of the cabinet is transparent, first of all to ask the manufacturer's calculation method, and then ask the price of the items included, such as whether the price of drawers and laminates, hardware accessories (usually open area algorithm does not contain drawers, laminates , the price of hardware accessories);

6. Is it produced by a regular brand manufacturer, whether it has passed environmental certification and health certification? Is it best to choose a brand product with anti-counterfeiting mark, multi-year warranty and lifetime maintenance for the three products?

7, to choose the best value for money brand wardrobe quality products are indeed more expensive, but the wardrobe is a long-term investment, if you choose a poor quality wardrobe, the loss for you can not only It’s a little money...

8, accessories are also very important, all accessories (such as connectors, screws) are consistent with the brand of the overall wardrobe, each part has a brand letter engraving logo? Only unified, can guarantee the bearing capacity of key parts, to ensure comprehensive performance ;

9. Whether the installation service personnel have undergone unified formal technical training. All in all, to buy a whole wardrobe, we must compare, analyze, and make decisions.

Finally, it depends on whether the cabinet design of the wardrobe is scientific. Good wall-mounted wardrobe cabinets are usually combined with different cabinets, which can be customized according to the actual situation of customers; drawers and shelves can be freely increased or decreased. The design is very scientific and reasonable, and often develops several different sorting cabinets according to the principle of “reconstruction to zero”. It can be freely combined and assembled when ordering; the height can be adjusted at will, the self-style is displayed, and the unique personality is obtained. The love of a family. In addition, it depends on whether the height of the cabinet can be used for ceilings and whether the space can be fully utilized.

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