How is the paving area thickened?

According to the requirements of the International Association of Athletics Federations and the needs of various special competition technologies, the thickness of plastics in certain locations of plastic track and field venues is required to be thickened, also called thickened areas. The total thickness of thickening ranges from 18 to 25mm, such as the long jump runway, the pole bounce runway, the high jump area, the javelin throwing area, etc. are 18mm, and the front end of the 3000m obstacle pool is 25mm. The 100m and 110m start zones are 18mm, and these two sites may not have thickening zones according to the latest IAAF standards. The specific locations, lengths, widths, etc. of each competition zone are to be found in the rules governing professional competition rules.


The specific location of these thickened areas should be used for the grass-roots venues, including specific locations and thickening. The actual thickening is done in the base layer, so after completion of the base layer, the surface should have a lot of regular, different, deep, rectangular recessed flat pits.

When the plastic surface layer is poured, the first step in the construction process is to fill these regular, flat concave pits so that the entire base layer is a flat surface layer. Then no matter what paving method is used, it can be constructed. The filler required for the thickening zone should be a plastic mixture containing black rubber particles.

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