Should you be a gentleman in the cold? Red Wing × J.Crew boots give you the answer

It is hard to be cold in the northern hemisphere of the winter. Today, New York City was hit by historical blizzards. For this reason, the two games of the NBA were delayed, and we felt the chill in the Eastern Hemisphere. Of course, the cold is the need now, so why not let a pair of satisfied boots give you inspiration.

The famous Red Wing, the pure American-style brand J.Crew, the collaboration between the two big ones is an extraordinary work, and it is difficult to offset the big topic of manufacturing. Excellent cold and slip resistance are enough to ensure daily life. Moreover, it is easy to match the names of the two companies. The combination of mink leather and lining wool has already become a cold. Speaking of this, is the body shivering a little warm? This boots can already be purchased at the J.Crew online store for $390. Go and check it out.

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Equipped with cool news articlesEquipped with cool news articles

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