Xu Jia: The business of "outsiders"


Xu Jia is currently the CEO of Hebei Haihe Shengli Printing Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Haihe Group”). For him, the insiders may not know very well, and even some strangers, this is justifiable, because before joining the Haihe Group, Xu Jia is a real outsider. However, in the current depressed domestic printing machine market, it may be necessary to have a unique perspective of “outsiders” to inject fresh blood into the printing machine industry. Xu Jia’s participation has indeed lived up to expectations. Under his leadership, Haihe Group has interpreted one after another “miracle” in the Chinese printing industry.

Open up the "sales model"

"In the Chinese printing industry, most companies adopt the traditional marketing model, that is, the 'direct sales + distribution' model, but in recent years, China's printing machine market continues to be sluggish, this marketing model has been unable to adapt to the changing market demand. Many companies have been hit by a large market and their performance has been declining. "Although it is outsiders, with a keen market insight, Xu Jia has a clear understanding of the status quo of the Chinese printing industry and has his own unique views." In order to maintain the leading position of Haihe Group in the Indian printing industry, we made a bold decision to open up a new marketing model - 'sales model'."
The “sales model” mentioned by Xu Jiakou is actually taking the “pure distribution” route, that is, Haihe Group no longer competes with dealers, but really benefits dealers, and provides technical support and after-sales service for dealers. . In August of this year, with the theme of “Love·Eternal”, Haihe Group opened the curtain of “2014 Haihe Group New Product Promotion and President Signing Conference”, and officially entered the Chinese printing machine market with a new “sales sales model”. The itinerary was spread across 6 key cities in the country, with a cumulative journey of more than 20,000 kilometers, and finally set a “miracle” with a cumulative sales amount of more than 80 million yuan. This figure is the sales performance that Haihe Group can only complete in a year, but this time it only took 22 days, not only surpassing the opponent, but also surpassing itself.
“The 'sales model' not only gives the final customers a real benefit, but also allows dealers to obtain very substantial profits. The most important thing is to help Haihe Group expand its market share, brand influence and market competitiveness. The new marketing model, Xu Jiaruisi commented, “Therefore, Haihe Group will continue this marketing model and let everyone achieve mutual benefit.” According to Xu Jia, the future Haihe Group will establish more than 500 dealers worldwide. The network, including international markets, such as South America, Asia Pacific, India and Africa, is currently focusing on breakthroughs and establishing more than 100 VIP customers in China.

"Sweat" behind "miracle"

The salesmanship of the president of the Haihe Group was “miracle”, which made all the insiders feel surprised, but Xu Jia said that the result was entirely in the expectation of Haihe people. Any success is not achieved overnight. The so-called "one minute on the stage, ten years of work under the stage", behind the Haihe Group's presidential signing will achieve brilliant results, Haihe people actually paid a lot of "sweat." “Before the 'Love·Eternal' event was launched, in order to ensure the best results of the activities, we have done a lot of preparation work, including the implementation of lean production mode, all-round after-sales service, etc.” Xu Jiaru has a few treasures.

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