Perfume bottle making process and culture need to pass on

We have always believed that the originator of perfumes came from Western countries. This is not the case. Our country had a perfume culture a long time ago. The design of perfume bottles is also very high. However, the self-sufficient natural economy did not support perfumes as industrial products. On the contrary, the scale of industrialization has gradually transformed western perfumes into an industry. The perfume bottle design also developed in this process, and formed a unique perfume bottle culture, perfume bottle collection system.

For domestic perfume bottle manufacturers, the development of these years has been detached from the original ancient perfume bottle manufacturing process. Many times, the domestic perfume bottle manufacturers are basically to imitate the plagiarism of European and American perfume bottle production and production process. According to perfume bottles produced by European and American perfume bottle manufacturers to completely imitate. However, we now think that these things need to be changed. The domestic perfume market is gradually growing up. With the improvement of the quality of life of domestic people, the demand will further increase. For domestic perfume bottle packaging companies, it is now a good time to usher in a new round of development opportunities. Grasp the current trend, tap the traditional perfume bottle manufacturing process, and get out of a real perfume bottle manufacturers own way.

Silicone Bite Valve

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