Skin care products and cosmetics can easily create a happy new year

When the New Year is coming soon, I am sure I will go to my relatives and friends. After a busy year, MMs want to see people with the best looks. At this time, how can we lack easy-to-use skin care products and cosmetics? Today, Xiaobian recommends six beauty cosmetics for everyone, and it is easy to help you create a happy new year!

Skin care articles: good color

The color is not good, the skin is hoarse and rough, which is because the tired skin lacks water and lacks nutrition. Use some products with massage effects, such as oil, massage cream or mask, which can effectively promote blood circulation, inject nutrients into dry and vital skin, and soothe skin fatigue.

SKINFOOD Black Pomegranate Essence Oil

SKINFOOD Black Pomegranate Essence Oil ¥266/40ml

Containing black pomegranate extract and a variety of moisturizing factors and high-efficiency anti-wrinkle essence complex, it can effectively resist the traces of the years, so that the texture is smooth and smooth and full of moisture. It is refreshing and non-sticky. It can absorb light quickly and easily create a youthful rosy color. It is an anti-wrinkle elastic firming essential oil. It can be used as a muscle base oil before the lotion, or it can be used in combination with creams, lotions, BB creams, etc.

Lancome Roots Vitality Cream

Lancome Root Energy Cream ¥630/50ml

The texture is light and nourishing, and it is clear and moisturized during use, giving the skin a radiant glow and a smooth and radiant skin. Leaves skin hydrated and comfortable, and is effectively cured. The preparations of root extracts of Rhodiola, gentian root and wild yam have significant enhancement effects on the energy flow in the epidermis and dermis cells to achieve the best color.

Petrov Rose Shurun ​​Instant Repair Mask

Petrov Rose Shurun ​​Instant Repair Mask ¥420/150ml

9 kinds of rose ingredients, quickly improve skin condition, natural rose fragrance and pleasant body and mind; moisturizing, regulating water and oil balance, rebuilding skin natural moisturizing barrier; improving skin tiredness and hoarseness, removing yellowness and redness, rejuvenating skin, restoring skin Healthy and rosy.

Brass Nut

Brass Nut,Adjustable Brass Nut,Brass Knurled Thread Insert,Nut Brass

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