What are the better sofa renovation companies in Xiamen?

Xiamen sofa renovation is still a lot of companies, established under the sofa general renovation of the company will be online a lot of points, so easy for people to clean the sofa, but some also provide on-site service, here we come to understand better some of Xiamen sofa renovation The company has those. Let's take a look with the editor.

Xiamen Lejia sofa recommended by Xiamen sofa with good renovation

Xiamen Lejia Sofa has been established for nearly ten years, and its main business scope is relatively wide, and it is relatively professional. The company's address is near Mucuo Coca-Cola in Huli District, Xiamen. You can also contact 13950157916 by phone. If you are not far from here, you can think about it.

Xiamen Honglibao Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., a company recommended by Xiamen Sofa Refurbishment

Honglibao Xiamen Sofa Refurbishment Company is an earlier Xiamen sofa refurbishment company. Xiamen Honglibao Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the manufacture of mattresses and sofas. The technology in sofa renovation is also very good, and Many large customers have long-term cooperation, and the address is at No. 18, Lingdou South Area, Siming District, Xiamen City.

Dingyi furniture recommended by Xiamen sofa with better renovation

Dingyi Furniture is mainly engaged in sofa renovation, leather replacement, soft package processing, soft package customization and other services. It has a relatively strong service team and perfect service system. number.

Xiamen Xiangxiang sofa recommended by the company with better sofa renovation

Xiamen Yanxiang Sofa is a company that specializes in custom-made sofas and sofa renovation. Although it was established shortly, it has won unanimous praise from our customers. The address is Wutong, Huli District, Xiamen.

In fact, there are many Xiamen sofa refurbishment companies. The above-mentioned Xiamen sofa refurbishment companies are introduced to you here. I hope they can help you.

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