Demystifying the mystery of the home market

The furniture market with sofas, beds and wardrobes is the mainstay of various consumer markets during the holiday season. The promotion methods of discounting and price reduction are dazzling. At the same time that high, medium and low-end furniture sales are extremely hot, complaints from this are increasing. The names of “all solid wood” and “foreign brand” are eye-catching, but the furniture market is full of fish, and consumers are difficult to distinguish.

Solid wood furniture

Deceptive "solid wood" furniture

"The material of the wardrobe feels quite full. I thought it should be real wood." Consumer Xiao Zhao said, "It took a long time to discover that it was actually a MDF veneer. The store defended that it was only said that it was 'Solid wood class', not to mention pure solid wood."

Due to the advantages of environmental protection, health and physical properties, solid wood furniture has always been the first choice for customers with certain spending power. However, from the market feedback, the proportion of complaints about solid wood furniture is quite large. "General technical conditions for wooden furniture" divides furniture into three categories: solid wood, wood-based panels and comprehensive furniture. Some small workshops have high fraudulent technology and look even more gorgeous than real solid wood furniture. The pattern is more refined and looks like a layman. It is almost the same as solid wood.

In the interview, the reporter found that most shops selling wooden furniture will play the "100% solid wood" signboard. Can these solid wood furniture be made entirely of solid wood? According to professionals, there are many “solid wood furniture” on the market that are faked by the skin. It is difficult for ordinary consumers to see what materials are used. Some so-called "pure solid wood furniture" use multi-layer boards, particle boards, and even medium-density boards in areas such as back sheets and drawer boards that are difficult for consumers to pay attention to. Sell ​​"pure" furniture at a "pure" price and earn a high price difference.

According to the "General Technical Conditions for Wood Furniture" jointly issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standardization Administration, the furniture components must reach more than 70% of the solid wood standard to be called solid wood furniture. Some merchants said that "pure solid wood furniture", "log furniture", "environmental solid wood furniture", not mentioned in the national standards, is not standardized.

At present, the bed frames and wardrobes on the market are mostly made of wood. Because the surface of the bed frame and the cabinet are mostly decorated with paint, it is difficult to see the internal materials. Consumers should pay attention to prevent the bad merchants from posing as particleboard during the purchase process. High-density board, with high-density board posing as a solid wood.

Brand furniture stealing day

"It is clearly a domestically produced product, but it has given itself a foreign name as a 'imported product'. How does this make our big price feel comfortable?" Consumer Xiao Wu said with a bit of anger. The news that "Da Vinci" furniture exposed by CCTV's "Weekly Quality Report" pretends to be a "foreign brand" has caused widespread concern.

An industry insider revealed that it is very common to hang "foreign" heads to sell domestically produced goods. “Many of the furniture that claim to be imported brands are produced by small factories in China, but they wear a 'suit'. The cost of my sales is only 2,000 yuan per piece of mattress. Because of the foreign brand, I can sell it to 8000. Yuan / Zhang."

The well-known brand furniture purchased by the company after several “prices” was found to be a “high-grade” imitation. On the one hand, the dealers catered to the customer's large-scale "price-price" consumer psychology, and on the other hand earned higher profits. Some so-called imported brands do not even have English websites.

“Many mahogany furniture companies have a small factory scale, and supply shortages often occur due to limited production capacity. In order to maximize the profit scale, some companies buy semi-finished or even finished furniture directly from small workshops at low prices. According to industry insiders, low-priced furniture has been sold to consumers at a high price after its very few processing links. The mahogany furniture produced by OEM is not produced by the company itself, the quality cannot be guaranteed effectively, and the after-sales service provided to consumers is often greatly reduced.

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"Zero formaldehyde" furniture? Does not exist at all

"Green" and "environmental protection" are the slogans that the furniture market will never be outdated. Many businesses have also taken the opportunity to play the "zero formaldehyde" sign. Formaldehyde was listed as a suspicious carcinogen by the World Health Organization in 2004. The release period is 3-15 years, which is extremely harmful to the human nervous system, respiratory system and digestive system. The amount of formaldehyde released has long been the hot spot of the people in the quality of furniture.

In the morning, the chest is stuffy, nausea and dizziness; the indoor smell is irritating and pungent; children often cough and sneeze at home; skin allergies, even pregnant women have no reason for abortion and other symptoms are negative effects of non-environmental formaldehyde. The problem of furniture consumption that causes disputes is not only the quality of decoration, the quality of furniture, etc., but has been extended to the problem of indoor air pollution caused by furniture.

It is understood that the main sources of indoor formaldehyde are plates, paints, glue and furniture. Nowadays, formaldehyde is more than standard, mainly from wood plates, large core plates and furniture. The amount of formaldehyde released in furniture is limited to 1.5 mg/L in national standards. However, can the amount of carcinogen formaldehyde be reduced to zero during the manufacturing process of furniture?

According to industry insiders, mattresses and mats in soft furniture should be glued with glue, sponges should be chemically used, and wood-based panels should be used in the sofa. These will produce formaldehyde. Due to the protection of double-faced thick veneers, the solid chemicals in the jigsaw are much lower than the volatilization of non-solid wood wide panels and solid wood composites. However, zero formaldehyde is impossible to achieve at present, and the zero-formaldehyde slogan produced by furniture manufacturers is a concept of abuse of green environmental protection.

plate-type furniture

Expert reminder: ask for "furniture manual"

Because the furniture made of MDF and particleboard that have not reached the national standard has caused many indoor pollution cases, many salesmen often refer to the MDF as a particle board, which means the particle board is a particle board to avoid the adverse effects of the two boards.

According to the professional, the method of distinguishing the plates is from the cut surface of the plate. The fine fibers in the high-density plate are tightly combined, and the density is large and heavy; the fine particle structure of the particle board is not tight enough, and even small pores can be seen. Put it lighter in your hand. In addition, if the same texture of wood appears repeatedly on a set of furniture, it is mostly imitation solid wood furniture with melamine paper. The texture of the solid wood furniture penetrates the entire board, and the front side looks like a pattern, so the corresponding pattern should also be visible at the corresponding position on the back side.

Industrial and commercial law enforcement personnel remind consumers that when purchasing furniture, they should take the initiative to ask for the "Furniture Instructions for Use". The main materials, auxiliary materials, adhesives, formaldehyde content, after-sales service, etc. are the rules for consumers to understand the products and after-sales.

Important basis for rights protection; when signing a contract, it must be marked with the size, appearance of wood color, materials, quality assurance and after-sales service. The order form of each manufacturer can not be regarded as a contract, and the guarantee or standard contract text issued by the decoration city is approved by the industrial and commercial department.

In addition, consumers should look for the "China Environmental Label" certification and the "Green Product" quality certification when purchasing environmentally friendly furniture. If the copy of the product inspection report is not stamped with the original official seal of the quality inspection authorized by the state supervision department at or above the provincial level, Invalid. The ten-ring certification is the general name of the China Environmental Labeling Certification of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. It is currently the highest level of environmental protection product certification in China. The certification process is extremely strict. The only certification body is the Environmental Certification Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

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