Six-step big eye makeup smoked wind sexy strike

Six-step big eye makeup smoked wind sexy strike 1
Six-step big eye makeup smoked wind sexy strike

No matter what kind of makeup you don't have, you don't have any makeup skills. Today's Xiaobian brings you this six-step big eye makeup. The brown-black gradient eye makeup is decorated with golden luster. The thick eyelashes increase your maturity appropriately. In order to create a sexy and plump lips, the lip makeup is bigger than the original lip. The wild-colored golden eyeshadows are full of wild smoky makeup , and MM will come together to study.

Six-step big eye makeup Smokey wind sexy strike 2

So how do you paint smoky makeup to look good? In fact, the secret is the most easily overlooked eyeliner. The inner and outer eye lines must be painted in bold black! After the upper eyeliner is drawn with eyeliner glue, the cotton swab is slightly smudged. As for the inner eyeliner, you need to open the upper eyelid to carefully fill the gap between the eyelashes. As a result, the eyes will definitely be deeper.

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