What role does the range hood have? What brand is good

Range hood, also known as range hood, is a kitchen appliance that purifies the kitchen environment. It is installed above the kitchen health and energy-saving range hood stove, which can quickly remove the waste from the stove and the cooking fumes that are harmful to the human body, and discharge it outside, reduce pollution, purify the air, and have the safety protection of anti-virus and explosion-proof. effect. How about smoking fume ? What brand of smoking machine is good?

After the range hood is used for a period of time, it will be covered with oil and dust, which affects the use and appearance. Therefore, you must often wipe the surface of the inner cavity of the housing and clean the filter with a dry cloth or a soft cloth moistened with neutral detergent. The internal cleaning and maintenance of the machine should be done regularly to keep it clean and hygienic and extend the service life. Cleaning should be carried out according to the instructions.

When wiping the range hood, be sure to disconnect the power supply and wear rubber gloves to avoid scratching your fingers with metal edges such as stainless steel.

The oil pollution of the range hood, smoke hood, impeller and other parts can be cleaned with cotton yarn or soft cloth dipped in a moderate amount of neutral detergent for kitchen cleaning. It is better to use hot water soaking and cleaning until the oil pollution is cleaned and wiped away , And then rinse the residual liquid on each part with clean water.

When removing the impeller, first unscrew the impeller hand-tight nut clockwise, and then remove the impeller very carefully, taking care to handle it gently to avoid deformation due to excessive force. Each part must be wiped dry with a soft soft cloth, and then assembled in the reverse steps of disassembly, it will be as clean as new. When reinstalling the impeller, first put a few drops of No. 20 oil or sewing machine oil on the motor shaft.

It must be noted that when cleaning oil stains, try not to get water and detergent on the motor, junction box, electrical switch and other parts, so as not to reduce the electrical insulation performance of the range hood and cause leakage. Do not change the electrical circuit without authorization.

When cleaning the surface of European-style range hoods, stainless steel surface cleaners or medium detergents should be used. Abrasives containing abrasives are forbidden. After decontamination, wipe off the detergent with clean water and dry. It is strictly prohibited to attach dirt to the surface of stainless steel to avoid permanent corrosion.

The relevant information about the smoking machine is introduced here for everyone, I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still do n’t understand something, you can leave a comment below, we will answer it as soon as possible.

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