Basher slot H14531

Baschel tank Sewage measuring tank Model: H14531 Purpose: Used in conjunction with an open channel flowmeter (WL-1A ultrasonic open channel flowmeter), (see the table below for details) to convert the flow in the open channel into the level . Measure the flow of water in the open channel. The application field of open channel flowmeters includes all urban water supply diversion canals, thermal power plant cooling water diversion and drainage channels, sewage treatment inflow and drainage channels, industrial and mining enterprise wastewater discharge, and water conservancy projects and agricultural irrigation channels. ? Serial number type B value (mm) length * width * height (mm) hour maximum flow rate (m3) Remarks 1 Standard 25 835 * 267 * 265 19.44 2 Standard 51 773 * 314 * 305 47.52 3 Standard 76 914 * 359 * 517 115.56 4 Standard 152 1525 * 500 * 730 399.6 5 Standard 228 1630 * 675 * 890 903.6 6 Standard 250 2845 * 980 * 1060 900 7 Standard 300 2870 * 940 * 1200 1440 8 Standard 450 2945 * 1120 * 1200 2268 9 Standard 600 3020 * 1300 * 1200 3060 10 Standard 750 3095 * 1480 * 1200 3960 11 Standard 900 3170 * 1660 * 1200 4500 12 Standard 1000 3200 * 1780 * 1250 5400 13 Standard 1200 3320 * 2020 * 1250 7200 14 Standard type 1500 3470 * 2380 * 1250 9000 15 Standard type 1800 3620 * 2740 * 1250 10800 ?? Material: This product is glass fiber unsaturated polyester composite material (abbreviation: FRP). Flow range: 10 liters / second to 10 cubic meters / second (determined by the specifications of the Parshall tank) The greater the flow rate, the greater the wall thickness. ?? Notes: 1. The size of the Bassell trough is related to the installation of the channel, and the user should decide according to the site conditions. 2. The centerline of the Parshall trough should coincide with the centerline of the channel, so that the flow of water into the Parshall trough does not appear biased. 3. After the water flows through the Parshall trough, the flow of water should flow freely. The submergence degree of the Parshall trough is less than the specified critical submergence degree. 4. There should be a straight section more than 5 times the width of the channel upstream of the Basher trough, so that the water flow can enter the Basher trough smoothly. That is, there is no left-right bias flow, and there is no impulse formed by the slope of the channel. 5. The Basher slot should be firmly installed on the channel. It must be tightly connected to the side wall and bottom of the channel, and must not leak. Make all the water flow through the measuring part of the Basher tank. The measuring part of the Parshall trough is the throat section in the trough. ?? In most cases, the measuring slot of the ultrasonic open channel flowmeter uses the Bachelian slot. His installation is divided into the following steps: 1. Preparation for the civil engineering installation of the open channel ????? First check the terrain and water inlet before installation It must be higher than the water outlet to ensure that there is a water level difference and the water is unobstructed. This is the key to the successful installation of the Bacheler open channel flowmeter. ??? 2. Place the Pacchel trough in the open channel. There is a water level difference at the downstream discharge port of the Pacchel trough, and the drainage is smooth. If the water level difference is not enough, the Pacchel trough should be raised to increase the water level difference. Ensure that there is a distance of 1-3 meters in front of the straight section of the Baxie trough. 3. Reinforce the Basher trough ??? Use concrete to irrigate the Basher trough to ensure that all water flows through the Basher trough. When strengthening, keep the Parshall groove horizontally to prevent tilting and deformation. ???????? 4, several situations in the installation ?? 5, special precautions ????? must ensure that there is a water level difference downstream of the Bacheler trough, the discharge is smooth and no water will accumulate. This is a key issue for installation. 6. Instrument wiring ??? After the installation of the Bacheler slot, wait for the concrete to solidify before installing and commissioning the instrument. Under normal circumstances should be installed and commissioned by instrument technicians. If the separated signal transmission cable is far away, users can connect it by themselves. The distance is generally within 2000 meters, otherwise field connection test should be done.

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