The star teaches you skin care so that you can go out.

I often see a lot of stars on the Internet and Weibo on the sun, although many people have doubts about whether the star's private photos are really plain. But at least we can know that their skin is better, so the thin makeup is like no makeup. This is called nude. If you want to have a star-like faint makeup, you can learn a few tricks from the stars.

Skin is tender and dare

Representative: Anne Hathaway

The star teaches you skin care, so you can go out.

Anne Hathaway, a beautiful woman with a beautiful appearance, a bright and beautiful smile and a graceful and dignified temperament, is an act of almost nude makeup, whether it is acting or attending an event. In addition to benefiting from her unique white skin, Anne also pays great attention to deeply nourishing the skin. Before she puts on makeup, she will make a simple facial massage. It only takes 2 minutes to wake up the skin. The foundation will show natural brilliance.

Annie moisturizing massage

A lot of dry matter women's mirrors will make a low-level mistake, that is, only pay attention to the fine lines caused by the dryness in the middle of the face, such as the fine lines of the corners of the eyes, the descriptive lines near the nose, and the long-term carelessness will make the skin become sagging. When you create nude makeup, you will be old. Anne recommends using a moisturizing product containing plant fruit oil. It can use natural oil to repair the skin's own oil film. It can also use its excellent ductility to make a simple soothing massage for the skin, speed up the circulation and enhance the skin's own lock. Hydraulic power also makes skin tone more translucent.

No spotted skin is the most dare to bare

Representative: Small S

The star teaches you skin care, so you can go out.

Love to brush the collar will know, as long as you pay attention to the small S, she knows that she likes the big S and loves self-portraits and private photos. This hot mom with 3 children is not only good in shape, but also envied and hateful. The skin can be found in a close look. Her skin has no pregnancy spots, chloasma, etc., and she has no irregular work. Dark circles, bags under the eyes and other skin problems, so innocent skin is certainly not afraid of the sun at night.

Small S teaches to remove facial stun

The uneven skin tone caused by pigmentation, the corners of the eyes, the forehead, and the lower jaw are all parts that destroy the effect of the nude makeup, and they become darker as the age increases. Fortunately, it is not difficult to deal with the problem. Small S especially recommends using whitening essence products to focus on improving the local skin color problem, such as the essence of the pigmentation or the partial whitening mask, and sticking to the application can make the overall complexion become more Evenly.

Eye formula: whitening eye essence massage + whitening eye mask once a week + whitening eye cream + no night

Forehead formula: whitening essence massage + whitening mask once a week + hydrating products adhere to use

Jaw formula: whitening essence massage + exfoliating products once a week + whitening mask once a week

Oil-free skin is the most dare to bare

Representative: Fan Bingbing

The star teaches you skin care, so you can go out.

I believe that the MM who love oil and big pores don't dare to show their makeup, but the international skin from the letter high is also mixed with oil, but every time they appear, even if the lens is close, they will only shine. I don't see the shine. In fact, Fan Bingbing, who likes to try different styles, has recently become tired of exaggerated styles, often appearing in nude makeup, showing the natural charm of white skin.

Oilfield sister "naked muscle" surgery - horny for a new face

The old dead skin cells, which are excessively accumulated due to excessive secretion of oil, are the biggest obstacle to the oily skin towards nude makeup. The stratum corneum that is not metabolized not only reduces the ability of the skin's epidermis to reflect and refract light, but also causes problems such as makeup removal, floating makeup, and rough makeup. Use 1-2 times a week to exfoliate the product, deepen the pores, make the cuticles healthy and moist, and make the makeup more durable and lasting.

The sensitive oily is best to use the plant-based mild keratin cream. It only sweeps the excess keratin, and it can replenish the water and condense the pores. If you thoroughly clean the skin, take a proper amount of keratin cream and massage it in a circular motion. Face and neck, focus on the T-zone where the oil secretion is strong and the edge of the cheek that is easily neglected.

The right medicine, you can also go out. >>>How to get rid of thick horny skin to show white skin

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