Are you "flushed" in the labor shortage of coastal furniture enterprises?

From the perspective of external factors, the wage advantage in coastal areas is no longer, and many workers return to the mainland. This is a big environment; but from the internal point of view, workers will choose enterprises with standardized management and corporate culture, and leave enterprises without sense of belonging. We cannot change the problems of the big environment, but the enterprises themselves have problems. Why not change them, standardize enterprise management, improve the employment system, and improve the treatment of workers? Look at how different types of business owners think about this issue, or they have their own hardships.

>>Small-scale enterprises: corporate culture construction is the core of development

Enterprise management and corporate culture construction have become the standard for workers in the new era to find work. Some enterprises regard the construction of corporate culture as the foundation of development and get the loyalty and diligence of workers.

Longjiang, a solid wood furniture enterprise, has been supported by many workers for its long-term practice in corporate culture construction. In the general environment where most enterprises are generally out of work, their annual rework rate can be maintained above 96%. It is understood that Junye has grown to more than 1,200 people today, with more than 60% of employees accompanying the company for more than five years, and 15% of employees have been with Junye for more than 10 years. The company has won the honorary title of “Guangdong Province Model Workers' Home” and “Shunde District Four-Star Labor Relations Harmonious Enterprise” from 2009 to 2010.

It is understood that the company has been regarded as the life of the company for 15 years since its establishment. Really create a superior working environment for employees from the employee's point of view. Now it has a garden-style industrial park with a production area of ​​more than 100,000 square meters and is still growing. In the industrial park living area, badminton courts, basketball courts, reading rooms, computer rooms, fitness facilities, etc. are all available.

As long as you look at their cultural activities, you know that the brand culture planning department of this company is not idle: in May, organize excellent employees, technical experts, model couples, and polite stars to travel to Yangjiang and Zhuhai. In June, employees were organized to participate in the Foshan City Painting and Calligraphy Competition. In July, the seventh summer mountaineering event was held; the company basketball and football networking tournament was held. In August, a large-scale cultural evening was held, "Da Love Unlimited · True Emotions"; the 2011 eco-tourism activities were held; and the 2011 parent-child tourism event was held. In October, the birthday birthday of employees will be held in September and October; the charity event of “Thousand People's Kissing Club” will be held in Longjiang Town, Shunde District. In November, the third, fourth and fifth trade union groups of the trade union committee were established; the birthday staff of the month and the outstanding employees of 2010 were all invited to enjoy the film. In December, a double-employee Shunde experience tour was held and a five-star hotel was held; a full-year health and welfare checkup was conducted in 2011; and a New Year's Day gift was issued.

In addition to these, special care policies are also in place for migrant workers. For example, if you bring your child to Shunde, you will be subsidized every semester; the children will get a good result in the college entrance examination and the college entrance examination, and the reward will be given; the annual Spring Festival ticket will be provided by the enterprise; the parent-child activities will be held every summer, and the left-behind children will be taken to the factory for vacation and take them. Go to the Science Museum to broaden your horizons and travel. The workers here will also worry about the boss, "How can we give us so much welfare? Does the boss make any money?"

In this regard, Deng Gongzhi, the general manager of Junye Furniture, told the editor that if you only earn money, it is pressure. All employees have a good life. Everyone is happy. “Junye has not developed much since it said that it has not made any money, but we have gained a valuable asset, which is to standardize corporate management and corporate culture. The reputation of everyone is proud now! So much in the construction of corporate culture, to create various benefits for employees, others say that I am stupid, but I said he does not understand. Now it seems to be the right path. Enterprise development needs to invest. And this investment in talent and culture is It allows companies to enter a virtuous circle, grow bigger and stronger, and go further."

Cao Hongfu, director of Junye Furniture Brand, believes that corporate culture construction is the core of development. If others do not do it, you will always walk in front of him. People's employment is to choose the environment, we can't change the big environment, but inside the enterprise, the business owner can dominate. Realizing humanized management into reality, interacting with employees and engaging in emotional communication is something that every boss can do.

>>Medium-sized companies: empathy, focus on employee needs

Nowadays, a large number of “post-90s” youths have begun to enter social work. They have generally received a good modern education and have grown up in the era of the Internet everywhere. Compared with the older generation of migrant workers, they are not only working for the city to earn money, but most of them with the ambiguity of life, have their own dreams and pursuits, and hope that the work can bring better development for themselves. Opportunity and space. Therefore, they pay more attention to the development prospects of their careers when they choose their jobs. They also hope to have a good working environment and more free time to arrange their own lives, instead of just focusing on the level of wages. Because of this, in the interview, many companies were found guilty that the young people nowadays are "not practical, and their hearts are higher than the sky." Some companies even said they would not want to recruit "90s" because "it is too difficult to wait." The person in charge of the recruitment of a furniture factory bluntly said: "The wages have been added and they are not satisfied.

The factory environment is almost incompatible, even if the salary is high, it is not willing to do it. However, it is gratifying to find that more and more enterprises are beginning to realize the changes in the demand of young workers for their work, and then “replaced thinking” to provide workers with more rights and benefits than welfare. There is a more humane care. A furniture factory manager revealed to reporters that the employees of their factory had to work for one year, the company only helped them to buy social security, but because young people are very concerned about social security, in order to attract talents. The company decided this year to help farmers buy social security after the probation period, and also to increase food subsidies. "If I go to work now, I may be as picky as they are." ”

The person in charge of Zhonghexin Furniture said that the working environment of the factory is not the best in Shunde, but the company has gradually improved the welfare of workers in recent years, from accommodation, dining, entertainment, holiday condolences, employee incentives, etc. It takes a lot of effort and thought. Although the company is under pressure from rising costs, it understands that these costs cannot be saved. This pressure is nothing compared to the lack of work. The person in charge of Huahui Furniture also said that the company is trying to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of its employees, providing them with various sports venues and learning places. Now they plan to open karaoke rooms for them. Because the company has more young people, they like this. Kind of entertainment. Within the scope of their own capabilities, the company tries to meet the various life and entertainment needs of its employees and let them work with peace of mind.

>>Small and micro enterprises: power is limited, we are also helpless

However, for most small and micro enterprises, it is not so easy to increase welfare, increase workers' salaries, and create garden-like work and living environment for migrant workers. A furniture owner who did not want to disclose his name told the editor: "I also want to give high wages. I also want to build a garden-style factory for workers! But my factory is rented, where to find a beautiful factory." Understand that most of the small factories and office buildings are rented, and it is not realistic to rent a decent factory.

The other director of Jintian Furniture told the reporter that the current boss is not good. Every month, there are hundreds of thousands of factory rents, utilities, and money every day. Coupled with the expansion of direct-operated stores and image stores outside the company, the monthly expenses of more than 100,000 yuan, plus the market's indifference in the past two years, it is not easy to maintain the failure to close down. “How to have people's wages and benefits for the bottom gas processing?” For some high-risk jobs, most companies will buy insurance for workers, but if all employees buy three or five risks, most furniture companies can't do it now. . Li Sheng of a certain furniture counted the account with the reporter. "I have about 60 people in the factory. If everyone buys five insurances, the factory will pay about 300 yuan per month for each person, and 3600 yuan for 12 months. , then 60 people, the annual factory needs to invest about 210,000 yuan. For a small factory, 200,000 yuan is not a small number, the pressure of the factory is greater year by year."

Some people in the industry believe that the furniture industry has a large number of OEMs and small factories. For those factories that have no core technology and are at the lowest end of the industrial chain, they are not enough to eat. Their survival mode can only earn a portion. Cheap labor, in the business of the Scorpio, any increase in welfare treatment can reduce the original little profit.

After the compilation: Workers are the foundation of manufacturing. If the production system is not working, there is no way to develop. Shunde’s traditional superior furniture industry can’t talk about transformation and upgrading. And the company recruits people every year, but it lacks people every year. This is a development cycle. How to break through the dilemma of lack of work and break the cycle of vicious circle, this is also the problem that the whole industry should reflect now.

The idea of ​​a new generation of migrant workers is simple. You may not need high wages, but you must have a good environment and certain benefits. As young migrant workers become the new force of production, enterprises have to start to change the practice of sweatshops at the time of starting a business, and pay attention to the modern management of enterprises and the construction of corporate culture. For enterprises, products that do not have core technology and have no added value of the brand can only earn the lowest part of the value chain, and this cannot be developed in the long run. Today, with the gradual increase in raw materials and labor costs, these enterprises will only be more difficult to operate, and will eventually fail to bear the cost pressure and collapse or be merged.

Only companies with core technology and high value-added products can withstand the hurricane of the market and have a place in today's market. Only when the enterprise develops into the fast lane, the company forms its own culture, which can improve the welfare of employees and increase the cohesiveness. These are the elements that a brand enterprise must possess. Perhaps the road to transformation of Shunde furniture manufacturing companies is here. Foshan decoration network editors comprehensive analysis.

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