Reliability work of the UV weathering test chamber has been fully developed

The reliability and stability of the domestic ultraviolet weather resistance test chamber and automation system are far from those of foreign products. Its reliability issues have shaken the confidence of key industries such as metallurgy, electric power, petrochemicals, etc. in domestic products, so in the nationalization of major national technical equipment, the localization of instrumentation and automation systems has been the slowest. Greatly affected the technological level and product quality of the equipment manufacturing industry. Stability and reliability issues have become a serious obstacle restricting the development of China's instrumentation industry and technological innovation.

Reliability work is a comprehensive work. Reliability work needs to be eliminated and controlled to the greatest extent during the entire life cycle of the product from the point of view of the system Defects in order to achieve the most cost-effective and time-saving operation to achieve the established reliability goals. It involves various aspects such as product performance effectiveness, functional safety, service life, maintainability, environmental adaptability, and product life cycle cost. Reliability work requires systematic theoretical research, long-term data accumulation, meticulous experimental demonstration and extensive investigation and analysis.

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