Getting started with the Redwood Collection

The value of mahogany furniture is reflected by the type, art, material, rhyme and other aspects, so it is necessary to do your homework well before buying.

First of all, there should be a basic understanding of the knowledge of mahogany, and the variety of redwood can be identified. The value of mahogany from different regions may vary greatly. Even if the same kind of wood is made of heart or sapwood, and the fineness of the craft, the value of the furniture is also different. It must not be simply "familiar" and "scarce" by the merchants.

Secondly, raw materials are the focus of many investors. In the traditional sense, mahogany, in addition to China's native production, there are also some from Southeast Asia such as India and Malaysia. Although the woods in Africa and South America are the same as the traditional redwood varieties, the growth time and materials vary greatly, and the prices vary greatly.

In addition, according to relevant standards, mahogany furniture sales labels should include: product name, specification model, origin, factory name, main material, auxiliary materials, etc. Be cautious when it comes to businesses that are unable to provide comprehensive information about furniture. Even if you can provide this information, look for a professional or get a confirmation from a mahogany appraisal agency.

Of course, investors can't just focus on the material and the place of origin, but also the part of “type, art, rhyme”, from the external style of furniture to the carpentry craftsmanship, to the inner temperament charm is very important. The carving level of mahogany varies greatly. Some people are good at carving dragons. Some people are good at bas-relief, deep relief, openwork, etc. Whether the flat and concave surface of the furniture is smooth and flat, and the smoothness of the arc of the line cannot be ignored.

Experts remind investors to carefully identify before investing, shop around, can not be cheap because of lower prices, blindly buy.

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