Experts recommend seven points for black tea packaging

Experts recommend seven points for black tea packaging

The first is to promote a graceful style. The basic shades are mainly green and brown. The high-grade tea gifts are mainly yellow or blue.

The second is to promote bagging, small packaging and gift packaging, and implement the "good-looking, good-natured, easy-to-get" three-good marketing strategy.

Third, the explanatory text should be short and concise. It is necessary to have simple knowledge of black tea such as soaking and keeping, and to avoid excessive introduction of general text.

The fourth is the QS logo, the company LG must have.

The fifth is the honor introduction and selection of one or two items, such as "China World Expo Special Gift Tea" and "China's World Expo Top Ten Famous Tea", etc., to avoid distracting guests.

The sixth is to avoid the use of fonts under No. 7 in order to prevent successful people aged 40 or over from affecting consumer interests and needs because they cannot see clearly.

Seventh, product names, common sense, etc. must be in English or Japanese in order to adapt to international practices, expand the international market, and facilitate foreign friends to drink.

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